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Sanway Professional Audio Equipment Co., Ltd. is a leading professional audio technology supplier. Based in Guangzhou, China, we are a manufacturer that specializes in research and development, sales, technical expertise and customer support. Through continuously offering top quality products and service since 2006, we've earned an enviable reputation both at home and abroad......

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  • [Products Knowledge] What is Powered Column Speaker?

    Sanway Audio has newly launched CS series powered column speaker system. Today we would like to share more knowledge of active column speaker system that can help you know more details of new active column array speaker system.

  • [Company News] What Kinds of Protection in Sanway Power Amplifier?

    Five kinds of protection in Sanway Audio power amplifier to provide reliable and safety protection for your sound system. Soft start protection In audio equipment with a large current draw, when the power is turned on, the current flowing through it can reach 4-10 times the average current value, w

  • [Related News] Why the dual 8 inch bi-amped line array KARA and SB18 are popular?

    Kara and SB18 are very popular with customers after they have been launched in Nov 21st 2017 . From now on, we have sold about 100 pcs Kara dual 8 inch bi-amped line array and SB18 single 18 inch subwoofer, also we have gain many good feedback from the customers.Why they crash on the KARA and SB18?


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