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V8&V-SUB Passive PA Audio Line Array System

1. V8: 2x10" LF; 1X8" MF; 2X2.5"HF neodymium drivers.
2. V-SUB: cardioid design 1x18inch and 1x12inch neodymium drivers.
3. Good quality birch wood cabinet box.
4. Fast installation rigging system.
  • V8&V-SUB
  • Sanway
  • Dual 10 inch Line Array 
  • passive 


The V8 is a 3 way passive column line array loudspeaker, equipped with a 10-inch low frequency drive, a hornloaded 8-inch medium-frequency drive, two 3-inch high frequency compression drives, and a 2.5-inch ring mounted in a wave-shaped device.

The V-SUB PA audio subwoofer is fitted with two long excursion neodymium drives in a cardioid construction cabinet box. The two drivers include a 18-inch low- frequency drive mounted in front of the inside box and a 12-inch drive in chamber bandpass designs that are mounted in backward radiation. In addition, its cardioid pattern allows the speaker to remove the unnecessary sound behind the equipement. It can be used as an extension of the V8 loudspeaker, or individually. 


1. Nightclubs reinforcement

2. Bars/High-class KTV rooms speaker system

3. High-class hotels/ Theaters speaker box

4. Multi-functional halls

5. Permanent sound system installation

V8 3 way line array loudspeaker:

Frequency   response (–5 dB standard)

67 Hz - 18 kHz

Frequency   response (–5 dB CUT mode)

100 Hz - 18   kHz


High   performance 3-way passive line array loudspeaker

Nominal   impedance

8 Ω

Power handling   capacity (RMS/peak 10 ms)

   500/2000 W


2 x 10"   neodymium driver / 1 x 8" driver
  2 x 1.4" exit compression driver


2 x NLT4

Dimensions (H   x W x D)

310 x 700 x   460 mm


34 kg

V-SUB 18" and 12 " power subwoofer:

Frequency response (–5 dB standard)

37 - 115 Hz


High performance flyable cardioid subwoofer

Nominal impedance

8 Ω

Power handling capacity (RMS/peak 10 ms)

800/3200 W

Splay angle settings

0° and 2.5°


1 x 18" driver
  1 x 12" driver


2 x NLT4 F/M
  optional 2 x NL4 or 2 x EP5

Dimensions (H x W x D)

606 x 700 x 7283 / 830 mm


64 kg

V8&V-SUB products details

Demo of V8 and V--SUB


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