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  Plate amplifier is the complete integrated solutions for various powered speakers. The big power rating of plate amplifier module is the necessity in professional audio industrial .

  From this page, you will know the products history of Sanway plate amplifier, the reason why you should choose the plate amplifier module from Sanway, the reason why the active speaker become popular and the skills of how to choose suitable speaker amplifier module for your pa speaker.

Products History of Sanway Plate Amplifiers

Sanway is the leading manufacturer of active amplifier modules in China. Since 2012,  We have focused on active speaker and active line array that will be more popular. And we started producing active speaker amplifier modules from 2014. Currently, we have 1 channel, 2 channel, 3 channel powerful and stable plate amplifier with DSP are perfect for multi-way speakers, line arrays and subwoofers.


Products History:

March 2014 D1-800D 800W plate amplifier
September 2014 D2L&D2S series 2 channel 2x500W plate amplifier module
May 2015 D3 1800W+900W+900W 3 channel active amplifier module
March 2018 D3-215 big power 1800W+1800W+900W 3 channel plate amplifier
Feburay 2019 smaller size of 1 channel plate amplifier D1S-800D
March 2019 2 channel plate amplifier for line array D155S-2CH
September 2020 new design D2L-825 plate amplifier for active line array speaker

Sanway Plate Amplifiers Features

  Suitable for various speaker

Our plate amplifiers have various power ratings from 150W to 1800W and multi channels to meet different client’s requirements.




  Stable and Reliable

The design of our amplifier modules integrated high efficiency cooling system, high power ratings circuit, and fully self- protection.




  Built-in DSP function

All plate amplifier modules integrated digital signal processing board allows user to set up and modify the signal processing path, including MUTE, Polarity, Gain, Delay, Limiter, Mixer, EQ, Crossover.  


Introduction of Sanway Audio DSP Plate Amplifier

Active Speaker Trend

Ten years ago, most of active speaker are small power used at home or for computer. In pro audio industrial, people know litter about active speaker. You may know the Meyer-Sound brand in the United States, which is the most prominent brand with active speaker technology and is unique in the field of professional audio.


Circumstances change with the passage of time, In fact, active speakers are no longer what we remember in the past, but have become a popular new trend in the current audio industry. In addition to Meyer-Sound continuing to promote its feature-active speakers, other well-known brands such as JBL, EV, RCF, MACKIE, etc., have launched their own active speakers. It seems that the power amplifier and speaker combination in the future will be replaced by active speakers.


What is active speaker?

Active speakers, also known as powered speakers and self-powered speakers, are loudspeakers that have that have built-in amplifiers.


What are the advantages of active speaker?

  No need rack amplifiers. Simplify the structures of the audio system

  Save space and money

  Complete system ensure its safety and improve sound quality

  Built in plate amplifier with DSP, no need rack processor. Easy control

  Easy for indoor installation and outdoor mobile sound reinforcement.

  The self-powered amplifier module is completely tuned to the speakers already.


Active speaker for computer

Active speaker for computer

Active line array for outdoor event

Active line array for outdoor event

Powered line array for outdoor event

Powered line array for outdoor event

How to Choose the most Suitable Plate Amplifier for Your Speaker?

As powered speakers are become more and more popular, many speaker manufacturers and DIY loudspeaker makers are intend to make powered speaker and powered line array. Especially, in pro audio market, powerful active amplifier modules have a great demand.

As a manufacturer of powered amplifier modules, Sanway offers a professional solution for selecting the suitable amplifier module for your speakers.


Types of Plate Amplifiers

First of all, There are lots of plate amplifier with distinct specification, so we shall check what they are. We have 1 way, 2 way and 3 way amplifier modules.


1 Way full range plate amplifier for top speaker and subwoofer.


  1x450W at 8 ohms; 1x500W at 4 ohms


  1x650D at 8 ohms; 1x700W at 4 ohms


  1x800W at 8 ohms; 1x850W at 4 ohms


  1x1000W at 8 ohms; 1x1200W at 4 ohms


  1x1600W at 8 ohms


  1x900W at 8 ohms; 1x1800W at 4 ohms


2 Way powered amplifier module for use in bi-amp line array and subwoofer+ satellite sets


  2x500W at 8 ohms; 2x900W at 4 ohms


  2x500W at 8 ohms; 2x900W at 4 ohms with additional output to link another passive speaker


  2x450W at 8 ohms; 4x500W at 4 ohms


  2x650W at 8 ohms; 2x700W at 4 ohms


  2x800W at 8 ohms; 2x850W at 4 ohms


  800W+250W 8 ohms


  1000W+300W at 8 ohms; 1600W+550W at 4 ohms


  1300W+300W at 8 ohms; 1700W+550W at 4 ohms


  1500W+500W at 8 ohms; 1800W+700W at 4 ohms


  2x1500W at 8 ohms; 2x1800W at 4 ohms


  2x250W at 8 ohms; 2x350W at 4 ohms

2 Way plate amplifier for active line array speaker

3 Way active speaker amplifier module to power stereo line array system, consist of 2 pcs hi-mid speakers and a bass speaker


  1500W+500W+500W at 8 ohms; 1800W+900W+900W at 4 ohms


  1500W+2x500W at 8 ohms; 1800W+2x900W at 4 ohms


  1500W+1500W+500W at 8 ohms; 1800W+1800W+900W at 4 ohms

Know the Power of Speaker

What’s more, you shall check the root mean square power handling of every speaker transducer in the cabinets, so that you could select the suitable plate amplifier with the correct power.

A severely distorted signal can cause the speaker to explode at a lower level, much faster than a clean signal at a higher level. Most importantly, you want an amplifier that fully drives the speaker so that you don't have to maximize every part of the signal chain to make the speaker sound loud enough. 

The power ratings of the DSP plate amplifier should be rated 1.5 times more power than the top speaker’s itself, and the subwoofer plate amplifier power should be rated about 2 times more than the rated power so that peaks associated with more dynamic tracks can be processed.

Know the Connection of Speaker

Thirdly, you should know the inside connection of speaker. If you want to make your passive speaker as active you should know if it has a crossover? How do they connected with the speaker drivers. There are may types of speaker, like, full range speaker, bi-amp speaker, tri-amp speaker, single subwoofer and double subwoofer. 


We will give you some examples.

M4 single 15 inch coaxial monitor speaker: RMS 400W 8 ohms
1 way active plate amplifier shall be use for this speaker. It need power 400x1.5= 600W. Sanway Audio installed the D1S-650D full range plate amplifier 1x650W at 8 ohms for the M4.
A 1x18 inch subwoofer: 
RMS 500W 8 ohms
Power need 500x2=1000W, so the D1-1KD 1000 watt DSP subwoofer plate amplifier shall be used for this subwoofer.
Kara bi-amped line array
Kara line array consists of 2x8 inch LF driver,1x3 inch HF driver. LF is 450W 8 ohms, HF is 80W at 8 ohms. Sanway Audio is using D2-825 active amplifier module 2 channel amplifier 800W for LF, 200W for HF. We will lower the power of both channel to match its drivers.

VR10&S30 line array system: stereo speaker sets, consist of two bi-amp top speakers and a subwoofer.


3 3 way DSP power amplifier module is mounted in the S30 subwoofer. 1800W channel power the S30, other two channel 900W+900W power two VR10 bi-amped to speaker.

Finally, you should know the dimension and inside space of your speaker cabinets.


If you are a speaker manufacturer, you can design the active speaker cabinet depending on the size of the amplifier module before producing.


If you want make your current passive speaker as active, please choose correct power amplifier module. After selecting the correct active amplifier module, check the inside space and the back if it is have enough space for the amplifier module. Some speakers are very compact and may not have enough space to install the tablet amplifier.

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