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  • [Expo Events] 2020 Guangzhou Prolight And Sound Exhibition

    2020 Guangzhou Pro Light And Sound Exhibition is coming ! Show time is 19th to 22nd Feburary, 2020. Sanway Audio will still be in the show to keep contact with our regular or new clients. Our booth No. is 1.1 D36, Area A. Sanway Audio is with the goal with this show: keep abreast of the wave of d

  • [Sanway Project] Sanway Audio Vera20 Line Array Brings Enchanting Sound to the Christmas Eve's Party in Russia

    Russia-Vera20 Dual 10” line array provide enchanting sound for around 1500 audience in a outdoor Christmas Eve’s party. Our client Mr. Dimity is in charge of this event. He is using 4 pcs Vera20 speaker line array per side, standing on the 3 pcs LX218 dual 18 inch subwoofer. One DP10Q 4 channel digital DSP amplifier powered the 8 pcs Vera20 dual 10 inch full range loudspeaker. 2 pcs D20KQ 4CH DSP subwoofer power amplifier powered the 6 pcs LX218 18 inch passive subwoofer.

  • [Sanway Project] Kara Line Array and SB18 Subwoofer Deliver a Refine Audio Experience Summer Party

    Europe-Held in September 30th, summer holiday party was lightened up by Kara mini line array and SB18 18” subwoofer speaker.It was a 3000 people outdoor event. Our client equipped it with 12 pcs KARA compact top line array speaker and 6 pcs SB18 single 18 inch subwoofer cabinet box. Their performanc

  • [Company News] Are you curious about Sanway Audio production line?

    Sanway Audio is a professional audio equipment manufacturer with export experiences over 13 years. Some of you purchase our audio speakers, some of you purchase our power amplifiers, some of you purchase our active modules, and some of you may still consider purchasing our products in the future.Today w

  • [Company News] How to Choose a Right Plate Amplifier for Your Powered Speaker?

    How to choose a right plate amplifier for your powered speaker Recently, we have many customers sent us inquiry for a solution that choosing a suitable amplifier for their speaker. Some of them are DIY loudspeaker makers, some of them was thinking to make their passive speaker active, so that can sa

  • [Sanway Project] Sanway Audio T24N Speaker and B30 Subwoofer with High Power At the Nightclub and Party

    Europe- T24N and B30 full range speaker system have won over European audiences in two successful application-Nightclub and Party .
    Let’s have a look of Sanway T24N dual 12” speaker and B30 dual 15” subwoofer sound system in European projects.

  • [Sanway Project] Sanway KUDO 12 inch Line Array and KS28 18 inch Subwoofer Power Up A Opening Ceremony in India

    India- River Cyclothon Cycle Rally 2019 Opening Ceremony event was held on 3th, December 2019, which was covered over 10,000 people there. Sanway KUDO dual 12 inch line array speaker and KS28 dual 18 inch subwoofer provided an excellent performance for this opening ceremony event. River Cyclothon Cy

  • [Company News] Analysis Of The Cause Of The Failure Of The Speaker Driver Unit

    Elastic wave: The main problem is that under the long-term mechanical movement of the elastic wave, the stability of the material is different, and it will easily lead to the phenomenon of elastic fatigue, which will result in the following points:The elastic wave is deformed, causing the voice coil

  • [Sanway Project] LA208 Active Line Aarray Sound System Installed in an Auditorium

    Bangalore India-Sanway Audio LA208 dual 8 inch powered line array and LA18 single 18 inch powered subwoofer were installed at an Auditorium of Indian College to deliver pristine sound for performance, presentations and events Founded in 1982, National Public college is one of the distinguished schoo

  • [Company News] Sanway Monster Power Amplifier: FP10000Q and FP14000

    Sanway Audio has been in researching and developing professional power amplifier over 13 years, with many good feedbacks worldwide. Through improvement: We use advanced wire winding transformer and special circuit design, which solved the power problem many other suppliers meet during on improving t

  • [Sanway Project] Sanway VR10 single 10 inch line array Light Up the Rock Forum

    North America- The Rock Forum was held in 15th November, a Rocking music festival with 5 music band groups and about 2000 audience in a beautiful park. The Rock forum, of which line array system are provided by Sanway Audio. There were total 12 units VR10 single 10 inch line array speakers there, po

  • [Company News] Why Sanway KARA Compact Dual 8 inch Line Array System is Popular ?

    In the past 3 years, KARA dual 8 inch compact line array speaker absolutely won the best seller among Sanway professional line array systems exported worldwide, sorted out by the end of October 2019. Why this compact dual 8 inch line array cabinet box attracted so many our clients interest ? Today w

  • [Sanway Project] Sanway Vera 36 Line Array and KS28 Subwoofer Provide Wonderful Sound Experience in Company Ceremony

    In the Philippines - The 1st year anniversary celebration of Badsbro Auto was held in 3th September.Sanway Audio Vera 36 dual 10 inch 3 way line array speaker and KS28 dual 18 inch subn the Philippines - The 1st year anniversary celebration of Badsbro Auto was held in 3th September.
    Sanway Audio Vera 36 dual 10 inch 3 way line array speaker and KS28 dual 18 inch subwoofer provide wonderful performance for the live show in the celebration.woofer provide wonderful performance for the live show in the celebration. That day is a big day for Badsbro Corpora

  • [Sanway Project] Sanway Kara Line Array And SB28 Subwoofer Provide Exceptional Sound In A Gala Celebrating

    Russia-The Gala celebrating the anniversary of the founding of the city (City Day) was held in September 28th.Sanway Kara Dual Line Array And SB28 Subwoofer Provide Exceptional Sound In A Gala Celebrating

  • [Sanway Project] Sanway T24N Speaker and B30 Subwoofer Provide Memorable Sound at a Wedding

    Albania- Held in 2th August, the small wedding party was lighted up by T24N dual 12 inch speaker and B30 dual 15 inch subwoofer.About 500 people attended the wedding party in a open area of a hotel. To create a memorable memory and happy atmosphere, music is one of the important element of the weddi

  • [Sanway Project] Sanway VR10 line array and L-8028 subwoofer light up the Filaster Fest in Italy

    Italy- The Filaster Fest was held in July 11th to 14th, a charity music festival with 4 different music band, local specialty food and running activities in a stadium between the magnificent hills and vineyards of Provezze village.. To meet the capacity of 3000 audience, He choose 8 pcs VR10 single 10 inch pro line array, 4 pcs L-8028 dual 18 inch subwoofer system and 4 pcs SF12 single 12 inch pa monitor speaker.Those speakers and line array was powered by Sanway Audio FP10000Q and FP14000 power amplifier and process by Sanway Audio DP4080 digital processor

  • [Sanway Project] Sanway 12 inch line array system power up a 1500 people outdoor party

    Sanway 12 inch line array system power up a 1500 people outdoor partySanway line array system are also very popular among Caribbean area. In early 2019, one of our client Mr. Josue bought 16 units single 12 inch two way line array system GEO S1210 and 8 pieces RS18 dual 18 inch subwoofer cabi

  • [Trade News] Sanway audio loaded one 40HQ to Europe

    Sanway Audio is always focus on expanding European market. In the past September, we have cooperated with a large distributor in Europe, who has been in marketing sales of Professional Audio over 10 years. After visiting us and test our products here, he decided to place an order of our power amplif

  • [Company News] One 40HQ Container Was Shipped Out : Fulfilled With 500 Pieces Customized Subwoofer And Line Array Audio Speakers

    ​One 40HQ container was shipped out : fulfilled with 500 pieces customized subwoofer and line array audio speakers
    Before Chinese National Day holiday, Sanway Audio shipped out one unit 40HQ container, inside which are 500 pieces customized 21 inch subwoofer cabinet box and single 8 inch line array speakers.

  • [Expo Events] Sanway Audio 2019 Prolight And Sound & NAMM Russia Exhibition

    Good news to you !We Sanway Audio will be in 2019 Prolight and Sound & NAMM Russia exhibition dated from 12th to 14th September, 2019. Our Sanway booth No. is HALL 4.1, E57.Belowing items will be shown on it: 3 pcs KARA + 1 pcs SB18 active system ; Active Kara is powered by Sanway D1S-800D DSP a

  • [Company News] Why Sanway Amplifiers are More Expensive than Other Suppliers’?

    Some customers will ask why the same wattage amplifier xxx supplier is cheaper than you when they purchasing. Different amplifier with same wattage rating will have different price. Because not all amplifiers are created in same quality. Why Sanway amplifier cost more than others? We would like to e

  • [Company News] Did you make your speaker box active? Feedback of Plate Amplifier

    Currently, powered speaker and line array are become more and more popular, due to its convenience of no having need to carry rack amps. Also They can simplify your PA system and are faster and easier to set up. Sanway Audio has various kinds of plate amplifier for your speaker and subwoofer.We are

  • [Sanway Project] Sanway GEO S1210 Line Array and RS18 Subwoofer Supplied the 500 People Event

    Caribbean area- Sanway Audio provide sound system GEO S1210 single 12 inch line array and RS18 dual 18 inch subwoofer for a 500 people event in a a banquet hall.Two units GEO S1210 12 inch speaker and one unit RS18 big bass

  • [Company News] Analysis Of The Cause Of The Failure Of The Speaker Driver Unit

    The reasons for the failure of the speaker unit are as follows:

  • [Company News] How does the speaker work?

    We have already understood that the audio signal is a waveform that converts the waveform of the sound wave into an electrical signal, so that the sound of the signal can also be sounded by pushing the air. In the sound system, the equipment that converts electrical signals into sounds is the "speak

  • [Sanway Project] Sanway Audio R2 and F218MK2 Sound System Reawakened the Night in Europe

    Sanway Audio R2 and F218MK2 sound system reawakened the night in Europe. In the beginning of 2019, one of my customer Mr. Young was going to build a new nightclub called Volt. The decoration, lighting and sound are the there important part of the nightclub, especially the sound is the soul of the wh

  • [Company News] 40HQ Container with Amplifier and Line Array ship to Middle East

    April 9th 2019 That is a great begging of April in Sanway Audio, because we just loaded a 40HQ container to the Middle East Markets.As you know, we just finished the Prolight Sound Guangzhou Exhibition, that was a great success. We met many new friends here, and they was found of our pro power ampli

  • [Company News] Sanway Audio Distributor in Brazil

    Good news to you all : We have distributor in Brazil now. If you want to make purchase in Brazil, please contact Mr. RODRIGO C. BORDIGNON. He will also be in charge of all the after-service for all our Sanway products there.Belowing is his complete information: Attn: RODRIGO C. BORDIGNONTel: +55 41

  • [Sanway Project] GEO S1210 and RS18 Provide Unforgettable Performance in a University

    Colombia -GEO S1210 line array and RS18 subwoofer Provide Unforgettable Performance in a Celebration of 50th Anniversary of University.One of our client offers event planners and promoters great event production services, including audio, lighting, event management and more. In order to better serv

  • [Company News] Chinese New Year Holiday Notice

    Our company will be closed from 27th Jan to 13th Feb, 2019 Chinese New Year (the Spring Festival). During the holiday, we also will reply your email and inquiry, but may not as fast as usual. If you have something urgent, please call our sales team.After the holiday, we will launch some new speakers


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