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Sanway digital power amplifiers combine with powerful amplification and digital dsp processor, and Ethernet connection, so its use in pa line array sound system no longer requires the presence of an additional rack DSP.


DSP power amplifiers with high power ratings for outdoor and indoor application drive capability to line array speaker or subwoofer in 2 ohms stable. D10Q 4 channel DSP power amplifier is suitable for line array and full range speakers, D14 2 channel DSP power audio amplifier and D20KQ professional digital audio amplifier are perfect for subwoofers.


The built-in DSP has the possibility to store 20 groups settings and provides professional X-over, mute, polarity, gain, EQ, limiter and delay.

Digital DSP power amplifier allows user connect the amplifiers to laptop via USB, RS485, and NET port. Ethernet function allow use can control max 265 pcs Sanway DSP power amplifier by one laptop via WI-FI.

Digital Power Amplifier


FP10000Q 4 Channel Power Amplifier 

  • Stable on 2.67 ohms long-terms load
  • Pure copper heatsink
  • Proved CE; RoHS; FCC
  • 2 years warranty
  • 10 years manufacturing and sales experience
FP14000 2 CH Sound Power Amplifier
  • Stable on 2 ohms long-terms load
  • Pure copper heatsink
  • 70CMF quiet fans 
  • 250 degree transformer wires
  • Proved CE; RoHS; FCC
  • 2 years warranty

VR10&S30 Active Line Array System 

  • High sensitivity; compact cabinet box
  • Enclosure material: 15 mm birch plywood
  • Surface finished: eco-friendly catalyzed paint
  • Flying frame or floor stack is available
  • Mounted 3 channel class-d plate module with DSP

KARA & SB18 Dual 8 inch Line Array

  • Lightweight; compact enclosure
  • LF8''x2 and HF 3''x1 neodymium dirivers
  • Enclosure material: 15 mm birch plywood
  • Surface finished: eco-friendly catalyzed paint
  • Fast, integral rigging system with variable splay angles


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