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What is KARA Line Array Sound Speaker System

Line array is a speaker sound system consisting of many usually identical speaker elements installed in a line and fed in phase to produce a near-line sound source. Speakers can be designed to be hanged horizontally without having to appear as a horizontal line source
Kara speaker is designed as a elements that can be arrayed as a line.
Kara line array sound speaker system is perfect for plethora of events and permanent installation because of its advantage of lightweight, compact, weather resistant and consistent SPL
Kara line array speaker employ a wedge frustum enclosure design enables line array fly to various length and various baffle splay angles. The two 8 inch low frequency driver is constructed in the bass-reflex tuned box offer well defined clean bass. The 3 inch high frequency driver is equipped in a DOSC waveguide offer crystal and crisp sound.

SANWAY KARA Dual 8 Inch Line Array Speaker

Kara bi-amped line array system is fitted with two 8 inch neodymium woofers and a 3 inch neodymium tweeter mounted in a wave-shaped device. The compact enclosure is made of first grade birch plywood with polyurea paint. The integral rigging hardware for safety and flexible configuration.
Kara dual 8 inch line array system work for 55Hz-20kHz frequency bandwidth. when play with SB18 single 18 inch subwoofer, the frequency response can be extended to 32Hz.
SB18 subwoofer is designed for line array system and coaxial sound system. Its compact and integrated assembly constructions can be coupled with Kara rigging configuration perfectly.

SANWAY KARA Pro Audio Line Array Speaker Specification

Kara dual 8 inch bi-amped line array speaker sound system provides maximum flexibility for all sound reinforcement designs, and low frequency expansion is optional. This bi-amped compact 2-way loudspeaker has superior projection capabilities, smooth sound and wide horizontal directivity.
Usable   bandwidth (-10dB) 55 Hz - 20 kHz
Nominal   directivity (-6dB) Horizontal 110° symmetric
  Vertical: Dependent upon number of elements
 and line source curvature
Maximum SPL1 141 dB
RMS handling   capacity LF: 450 W HF: 80 W
  Components LF: 2 x 8’’ neodymium weather-resistant
 HF: 1 x 3’’ neodymium   diaphragm compression driver
  Nominal impedance: LF = 8 ohms, HF = 8 ohms
Dimension (W x H/h x D) 730 x 250/164 x 482
 27.7 x 9.8/6.4 x 19 in
Weight (net) 26 kg 57.2 lbs                                       
Connectors 2 x 4 Neutrik
Material  birch plywood
SB18 subwoofer specially designed 18 "unit combined with double bass reflex tuning cabinet provides excellent effect and high sensitivity, low thermal compression and low distortion. The exhaust duct has a good profile, which is more conducive to the flow of air and reduces turbulence. Flow noise, even at a very high sound pressure operating level.
Low frequency limit (-10dB) 32 Hz 
Maximum SPL1 138 dB
RMS handling   capacity 700W
Components LF: 1 x18" neodymium woofer
Nominal impedance:  8 ohms
Dimension (W x H/h x D) 750 x 540 x 707mm
 29.5 x 21.3 x 27.8 in
Weight (net) 52 kg                           
Connectors 2 x 4 Neutrik
Material  birch plywood


SANWAY KARA Professional Audio Line Array Video

4 pcs Kara and one pcs SB18 line array sound system testing video in showroom.
SANWAY provide KARA professional audio line array to you. 
Applications of KARA Audio Line Array:
1. Arenas
2. Covention Centers
3. Large Ballrooms
4. Stadiums
5. Theaters Music
6. Pavilions
7. Auditoriums
8. Outdoor Performance
9. Church

Characteristics for KARA PA Line Array Loudspeaker System

Neodymium Speaker Drivers
Kara speaker is using 2x8 inch neodymium LF driver, 1x3 inch HF drivers. SB18 subwoofer is using 1x18 inch neodymium woofer. Lightweight and high efficiency the main advantage of neodymium magnet speaker driver. Also they have well balance frequency response.

First Grade Birch Plywood

All Sanway speaker box are made of birch plywood. because of its multiple thin layers,  absence of voids, rigidity and rich density that facilities better clarity and tone. Also Its durability ensure you could keep the speaker for long time, and good for touring performance in a bumpy roads.

Polyurea Paint

Polyurea paint is durable, impact resistant, reduce noise and vibration, waterproof barrier to resist corrosion. With its numerous benefits, our line array speakers and subwoofers can be used in villainous weather, high temperature environment.

Tips for Setup of KARA Dual 8 Line Array Speaker System 

Build Up Hardware First
Adjust Kara Speakers Properly
Check the Monitor System
Set Up the Mixing Desk
Make Sure the Sound of the system Isn’t Too Loud
Perform a Thorough Check after Setup

Project Case of KARA Line Array System

 Areans    Convention Centers    Large Ballrooms    Stadiums    Theaters Music    Pavilions    Auditoriums    Outdoor performance    Church

Sanway team choose KARA&SB18 line array to help a European customer solve implement solution with its easy installation and touring.

Sanway use KARA pro line array and SB18 subwoofer speaker to help out an Italian Music Festival with its clean and crisp sound.

Sanway lay out KARA&SB18 line array to make whole FIBA stadium with highly intelligible audio.

Sanway in charge of Ecuador new year music festival sound system with KARA line array PA system and SB28 dual subwoofer system.

Sanway provide KARA&SB18 line array and subwoofer to celebrate Russian city day event with exceptional sound.

SANWAY KARA top speaker is small and lightweight is easy and touring. It is perfectly for spring traditional folk festival to meet audience for requirement capacity. 

Guide to KARA Professional Audio Line Array Purchase

  • How many audience can be cover by 8 units Kara and 4 units SB18 as a sound system?

    8 units Kara and 4 units SB18 is perfect for about 3000 to 3500 audience in outdoor and indoor event.

  • What is the angle degree can be adjusted of Kara line array?

    Kara horizontal directivity is 100 degree. The vertical angle degree is 0.25, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7.5 or 10°

  • What subwoofer can be recommended for the Kara top speakers?

    For small event or speech application, if you don’t need too much, the SB18 single 18 inch subwoofer is good choice. If you need more bass, the SB28 or KS28 dual 18 inch subwoofer is available.

  • Which processor would be recommended for line array system?

    DP4080 4in&8out digital processor is good for adjust dsp process for the sound system. Before shipping, we will preset the dsp settings of all speakers.

  • What amplifier can power the Kara and SB18 system?

    FP10000Q 4x1350W at 8 ohms, 4x2100W at 4 ohms, 4x2500W at 2 ohms 4 channel power amplifier is perfect for Kara line array speaker. one FP10000Q can load 4 units Kara.

    FP7000 2x1450W at 8 ohms, 4x2800W at 4 ohms, 4x3500W at 2 ohms 2 channel power amplifier is good for SB18 subwoofer. One FP7000 can load 4 units SB18.

  • Can Kara line array and SB18 subwoofer be made as powered (active)?

    Yes. Kara and SB18 can be made as powered. Powered and Passive version are available.We install a plate amplifier with DSP in the speakers box that provide power amplification and digital processing.

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Through continuously offering top quality products and service since 2006, we've earned an enviable reputation both at home and abroad. Our engineers and technicians have extensive experience in the PA SOUND industry for more than 20 years. Continuous researching and developing ensure that our high quality products could give you the competitive advantage to your customers and market.

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We sincerely hope that continuous business relationships can be established and please trust that we are always doing our best to realize good business relationships with our clients.

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Queried Topics to KARA Dual 8 Inch Passive Line Array Speaker


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