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SB28 and KARA Light Up the New Year Music Festival in Ecuador

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kara line array project case

Ecuador- Held in 28th December 2018, the New Year music festival was lighted up by Sanway Audio Kara bi-amped line array and SB28 dual 18 inch subwoofer with long excursion design.

2019 new year is coming, to celebrate the new year, people will held many parties in the end of December. It is a meaningful party, people is enjoying the happiness of the end of the year and expecting the prosperity of the new year with their families and friends.

On the evening of December 28th, in a park in Ecuador, people were immersed in wonderful and cheerful music.

Sanway Audio in charge of the sound system. This park performance area can accommodate 15,000 audience. In order to meet this demand, we recommended 24 units KARA line array pa system, suspended from a custom tension ring made specifically for the event. One the ground,  12 units SB28 dual subwoofer system submarines.

 Kara and SB28 feedback on South America Kara and SB28 feedback on South American 8

Live show video:


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