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  • [Company News] How to Setup a Good PA System for Outdoor Event?

    Today, we received a beautiful pictures of a 3000 people outdoor event from one of our customers. He is using our 16 pcs Aero 50 dual 15 inch 3 way line array, and 20 PCS Cerwin Vega 18" subwoofer. As could see the above pic, shining sea, blue sky, green grass, what a beautiful view here! But, could

  • [Company News] How to Choose Suitable Subwoofers for a Project ?

    How to Choose Suitable Subwoofers for a Project ?Sanway Audio is in his peak season, there is a batch line array and a batch dual 18" subwoofer cabinet box SB28 is finished. They are ready on their way to our final market. SB28 dual 18" subwoofer cabinet box. It is an ideal companion to large format

  • [Company News] How to set bridge mode of switching power amplifier?

    Today we will introduce the bridge mode of our Sanway FP switching power amplifier. What is bridge mode of FP10000Q ? How to use bridge mode of the audio amplifier?

  • [Company News] D10Q 4CH DSP Digital Amplifier Feedback from USA

    Sanway D10Q dsp amplifier performs well in a banquette in the USA. Client's feedback is pretty. Please see following:

  • [Company News] Holiday Notice: National Day

    The Chinese National Day is coming, we would like to inform you that we will have a vacation from 29th September to 3th October, Sanway sales team will be back to office on 4th October, Sanway factory will be send your order on 5th October.During the vacation, we are not able to reply your emails or

  • [Company News] WS218X Subwoofers LES1500S Monitors and FP series Amplifiers were Shipped to Europe

    Super September. Sanway Audio shipped one 40 ft container to Europe market yesterday.What kinds of products are in the container? They are:WS218X dual 18 inch subwoofer 60 unitsLE1500S single 15 inch monitor 100 unitsFP10000Q 4 channel amplifier 40 unitsFP14000 40 2 channel amplifier unitsIt is thir

  • [Company News] Holiday Notice: Summer Vacation

    Dear customers,We would like to inform you that Sanway sales team will be out of office from August 9th to 12th for a Summer vacation. During the vacation, we not able to reply your email and whatsapp immediately, should you have any questions or need anything during this time, please call us. Pleas

  • [Company News] Enhanced Version: Sanway Audio DSP Amplifier with APF

    Sanway DSP amplifiers have been added a APF (All Pass Filter for phase control), so DSP function in the amplifier became more versatile.

  • [Company News] Sanway Audio 1x40HQ Container Speakers and Amplifiers Ship to America

    Busy June!Sanway Audio has shipped out one container to American market. 1>. 24 units VERA36; 2>. 16 units KS28; 3>. 16 units LE1500S monitor speakers; 4>. 2 units T24N sample; 5>. 8 Pcs D10Q + 4 PCS D14 with amplifier rack. For outdoor events, Vera 36 + KS28 is also a perfect match. 1> Vera 36 is d

  • [Company News] New Audio System: J8&J-SUB Line Array Loudspeaker and M4 Stage Monitor

    Our company has recently released new line array loud speaker and subwoofer J8 & J-SUB and the stage monitor M4. Make the wonderful performance of vocal and intermediate-frequency, and durable high quality of the top speaker and subwoofer.J8 is a 3 way bi-amped line array loud speaker, features with

  • [Company News] Sanway After-Service Partner In Spain

    Good news for our regular cleints, especially the clients from Europe. We have a new after-service point in Spain. If the power amplifier or active module is with problem in the coming future, you can send it to our after-service partner in Spain or send back to Sanway factory directly.

  • [Company News] How To Efficiently Use EQ Curves To Make Sound Clearer

    Weekend is coming, it is time for learning sound knowledge again. In the process of music production, we often encounter some "noise" that we don't need in each track, resulting in a sound that is not clean enough. However, these noises may only appear in a specific frequency range, and it is diffic

  • [Company News] How to connect multiple DSP amplifiers to your PC

    Have you tested our Sanway DSP power amplifier with Ethernet ? Some clients are confused about the DSP control of our DSP power amplifier . Today we are going to talk about how to control the DSP of multi pieces by one computer ?DSP-14K DSP software .pngThere is USB cable, RJ485 cable, router with

  • [Company News] Sanway D1-650W & D1-800W Amplifier Module Feedback

    Do you make your audio cabinet box into active by mounting our Sanway customized class D series active amplifier module ? Here is an successful case from one of our European customer.

  • [Company News] Sanway Audio KUDO and KS28 will meet you at Paguyuban Sound System Jawa Timur

    Our Indonesian agent will our KUDO line array and KS28 subwoofer to the exhibition - Paguyuban Sound System Jawa Timur in Surabaya. Welcome to this exhibition to listen our line array system.Event time: March 7th 2018 to March 10th 2018 .

  • [Company News] Why the dual 8 inch bi-amped line array KARA and SB18 are popular?

    Kara and SB18 are very popular with customers after they have been launched in Nov 21st 2017 . From now on, we have sold about 100 pcs Kara dual 8 inch bi-amped line array and SB18 single 18 inch subwoofer, also we have gain many good feedback from the customers.Why they crash on the KARA and SB18?

  • [Company News] New After Service Partner in France

    Good day, everyone! We just come back to work from the holiday! We are very glad to tell you that Sanway Audio have a after service partner in France now!For power amplifier repair,

  • [Company News] Holiday Notice: Chinese New Year Holiday

    Our company will be closed from 7th to 23th February, 2018 Chinese New Year (the Spring Festival). We do apologize for the inconvenience due to the above adjustment. Thank you for your attention.

  • [Company News] Sanway Audio Sound Equipment in 40HQ Container Shipped to Indonesia

    In 22th Jan 2018, a 40HQ container from Sanway Auio Guangzhou to Indonesia loaded successfully. The container including 100 pcs FP10000Q , 100 pcs FP14000, 40 pcs VR10,40pcs Q1, 20pcs Q-SUB, 20pcs S15, 40pcs V8; 20pcs Vsub and 20 pcs KUDO.

  • [Company News] 20 units L-8028 subwoofer, LE1500S stage monitor and FP10000Q shipped to South America

    January 2018 is the harvest season for us Sanway. We have shipped out one 20GP container to South America market. Including 20 units L-8028 subwoofer cabinet ; 20 units LE1500S monitor speaker and FP10000Q power amplifier.

  • [Company News] How to set Gain and VCL of Sanway FP10000Q and FP14000 power amplifier

    When you using a amplifier, you may want to use a bigger power wattage amplifier to drive a speaker with smaller power. What should we do?Today, we are going to introduce the function of Gain and VCL in the rear panel of power amplifier, so that you could get different output power

  • [Company News] Merry X-mas and Happy New Year: Sanway 2017 hot sales products

    With the arrival of 2018, reflecting on the past 2017, we have gained many supports from customers all over the world.Today, we sort our some hot sales products data so that give you a good reference to invest in next year.

  • [Company News] How to Measure Wattage of Power Amplifier

    Yesterday, We received a question from a customer, “ How to know the real wattage of your FP10000Q?” For your information, our FP10000Q is a 4x1350W at 8ohms, 4x2100W at 4ohms, 4x2500W at 2ohms 4 channel class TD power amplifier. So, today we are going to show you the real power of our FP10000Q.

  • [Company News] How to Preset a Good DSP Setting for Sanway VR10&S30 Powered Line Array

    VR10&S30 active line array is a convenient and flexible system. Good system is important for the event, but the knowledge of preset a good DSP processing path is more significant.

  • [Company News] How to Connect Sanway Audio Plate Amplifier to Your Personal Computer

    Nowadays, active or powered line arrays and speakers are very popular, because thy can simplify your PA system and are faster and easier to set up. If you want to built a powered speaker, Sanway Audio plate amplifiers is your best choice.

  • [Company News] Sanway Audio Becomes SGS Audited Supplier

    Congratulations! Guangzhou Sanway Professional Audio Equipment Co., Limited has became SGS audited based on its foreign trade capacity, product research & development capacity, management system and product certification and production capacity & quality control. SGS is a international is the world’

  • [Company News] Sanway Audio Q1&Q-SUB Line Array Show

    Today we are going to show you Q1 line array speaker. This loudspeaker is dual 10 inch with a 3 inch horn-load system, which can deliver clear vocal voice. And the bass need with Q1, we have Q-sub single 18 inch subwoofer. As a full sound system we can run 4 units Q1 and 1 unit Q-SUB4 units working

  • [Company News] Sanway Audio VR10&S15 Powered Line Array Project

    Guangxi China----When installing a new sound system in their multi-use facility, The Pinnan Middle School turned to Sanway Audio to help implement a solution which would offer flexibility to produce a variety of events on their stadiumThe stadium ideally caters to majoy event and performance for abo

  • [Company News] Sanway Audio VERA 36 and S33 Line Array Provide Unforgettable Live Experience in SEMX 2017

    Sanway Audio unveiled VERA 36 & S33 powered line array were favourably noticed with its crisp and beautiful sound in SMEX2017

  • [Company News] How Much Amplifier Power Do I Need?

    It’s a common question: “How much amplifier power do I need?” We get asked all the time about power requirements to drive anything from large tower speakers to small satellites or non-amplified sound bar speakers. There’s a simple solution to the question


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