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Sanway Audio Factory Reopen on 18th Feb.

Views: 74     Author: Sanway Audio     Publish Time: 2020-02-19      Origin: Site


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Sanway Audio Factory Reopen on 18th Feb.

Dear All,

Good News, our factory has restarted producing and shipping on 18th Feb. Our workers have came back to work, everything order should be shipped as soon as possible.

To support the government’s efforts in controlling the novel coronavirus outbreak in China, our factory was postponed the working date. Few days ago, we received good news from our government, the number of infections is decreasing and many patients are also recovering due to the effective measures by the governments and efforts by all medical staffs. It is safe to restart producing and shipping now.

Thanks to the understandings and concerns of every customers. During the shutdown time, we received many caring messages from you that make us feel warm and cheerful. We will continue manufacturing good quality professional line array speakers and power amplifiers.

Welcome any inquiry and order.

Best Wishes,

Sanway Team


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