D20KQ&D20K 3
Sanway DSP power amplifier
Sanway 24 pcs Kara line array
Sanway 16 pcs Vera36 line array and 8 pcs KS28 subwoofer
Sanway T24N&B30 speaker
Sanway VR10 line array and S8028 subwoofer

Sanway Professional Audio Equipment Co., Ltd. is a leading professional audio technology supplier. Based in Guangzhou, China, we are a manufacturer that specializes in research and development, sales, technical expertise and customer support. Through continuously offering top quality products and service since 2006, we've earned an enviable reputation both at home and abroad......

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  • [Company News] How to Repair Your Amplifiers

    This Fix-It guide on amplifier service describes how audio amplifiers work, common questions, how to identify amplifier problems, and which parts and tools need to be repaired. It then gives a simple step-by-step instruction on how to remove the amplifier and tells you how to check the amplifier and

  • [Company News] How to Control Numerous Sanway DSP Amplifiers by a Laptop via Wifi

    Today, we are going to show you how to control numerous DSP amplifiers by a laptop via wifiWifi (Ethernet) function of Sanway DSP amplifier can help you remote control numerous DSP amplifiers in one laptop and one software .We should prepare a router, a laptop and internet cables for each amplifier.

  • [Company News] How to Choose a Right Plate Amplifier for Your Powered Speaker?

    How to choose a right plate amplifier for your powered speaker Recently, we have many customers sent us inquiry for a solution that choosing a suitable amplifier for their speaker. Some of them are DIY loudspeaker makers, some of them was thinking to make their passive speaker active, so that can sa


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