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KS28 2x18 Inch Weather-Resistant 3200W High-Power Subwoofer Box

1. RMS 3200W at the nominal 4 Ω impedance;
2. Two 18 inch weather-resistant low frequency bass;
3. Birch plywood enclosure weights 79kg;
4. Usable in standard or cardioid configuration;
5. Allow flying up to 16 units

  • KS28
  • Sanway


Sanway KS28 is an ideal companion to large format systems in stacked or flown deployments, it is designed to extend the frequency response of large format systems. With two 18’’direct radiating transducers mounted in a bass-reflex tuned enclosure, it can offer standard or cardioid directivity by combining physical deployment and the suitable preset, and delivers a high SPL with low distortion. The KS28 cabinet is made of birch plywood, weights 79kg, it can be stacked horizontally or vertically in standard or cardioid arrangements, up to 16 units in vertical arrays.

Key Feature

1. Long term RMS 3200W High-Power Subwoofer;
2. 2x18" weather-resistant low frequency drivers;
3. Usable in standard or cardioid configuration;
4. Allow flying up to 16 subwoofers;
5. Birch plywood cabinet construction



Model KS28
Drivers 2 x 18"
Low frequency limit (-10 dB) 25 Hz
Maximum SPL 143 dB
Directivity standard 
RMS 3200W
Nominal impedance 4 Ω
Weight (net) 79 kg
Cabinet birch plywood
Finish dark grey brown Pantone 426C
Dimension 565x1351x719 mm 



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