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KUDO Tri Way Dual 12 inch Pro Audio Line Array Speaker Box

1. 18mm birch plywood cabinet for Kudo 12 line array.
2. High SPL
3. Long throw line array
4. Have a flexible rigging system
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  • Dual 12 inch Line Array 


Kudo 12 line array is a large-scale 3-way, tri amped system, which provides frequency ranges from 35Hz to 20KHz. The system consists of two 12''(75 mm voice coil) compression LF drivers, four 5.5″ MF drivers and two 1.75″  HF drivers to achieve an impressive headroom.

The Mid and Low frequency adopts a couple of 12″ LF drivers,each driver's power handling is 450W and two units connect in series. Four 5.5″ MF drivers with high sensitivity are mounted at the rear of the LF drivers to make up a coaxial configuration.  The HF section utilizes 2x1.75''(75mm voice coil) with a 90 ° exponential constant horn via plane-wave  transducer to make an coherent wave front.  This loudspeaker can generate 140 dB peak SPL output.

The enclosure is constructed by multi-plywood, with panel in size 18mm, and other parts in size 15mm. It is finished with gray textured water paint. Two recessed handle cups are mounted on both sides of the enclosure for easy lifting and carrying. The rear panel connector plate carries  2 Neutrik Speakon NL8MP connectors for loop in and loop out connections. Besides, the enclosure is well protected by the gray mesh grill with acoustically reticulated foam.

Key Feature

1. 18mm birch plywood cabinet for Kudo 12 line array.

2. High power and large pressure from 2 pcs 12 inch strong power neodymium drivers, 4 pieces middle frequency neodymium speaker and 2 pieces 1.75 inch neodymium tweeters.

3. High SPL

4. Long throw line array

5. Have a flexible rigging system 


 The Kudo 12 line array is suitable for outdoor large events and small show, or with a subwoofer, on a permanent installation or touring huge performance. Suitable for spaces like:

----- Large tour-sound concert and arena shows

----- Large, middle or small stadium 

----- Multi-functional room and auditorium

----- Theater and theme park

----- Music concert and square



Frequency Response(-10dB) 35 Hz - 20 kHz 
Coverage angle (-6 dB) Horizontal: 50° or 110° symmetric
          25°/55° or 55°/25° asymmetric
Vertical: Defined by the array size and curvature
Maximum SPL 140 dB
Power Rating LF: 2 x 450 W  MF: 312 W  HF: 75 W
Drivers LF: 2 x 12"   MF: 4 x 5. 5"   HF: 2 x 1.75"
Impedance LF = 2 x 8 Ω, MF = 8 Ω, HF = 8 Ω
Connectors 2 x 8-pin Neutrik Speakon(NL8)
Dimension(W x H x D) 876 x 356/276 x 689 mm (34.5 x 14/10.9 x 27.1 inch)
Weight (net) 87 kg (191.8 lbs)
Cabinet Material 15, 18 and 30 mm Plywood

KUDO line array

Demo of KUDO line array

Kudio dual 12 inch line array pro speaker is suitable for various kinds of event. Especially, in outdoor live performance.

Click the pictures for more project case of KUDO.

KUDO line array of Sanway Audio



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