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Why Sanway Amplifiers are More Expensive than Other Suppliers’?

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Why Sanway Amplifiers are More Expensive than Other Suppliers’?

Some customers may ask why the same wattage amplifier xxx supplier is cheaper than yours when they purchasing.

Different amplifier with same wattage rating will have different price. Because not all amplifiers are created in same quality.


Why Sanway amplifier cost more than others? We would like to explain in the some aspects of Components, Technology and Service.


1. 100% pure copper heatsink.


Heat is the enemy of all amplifiers. Electronic components working hard to produce power also produce heat. That’s the nature of work in the real world: nothing is 100% efficient — all physical activity, including electrical, is accompanied by energy loss due to the generation of heat. So to draw heat away is important for the long reliability of the amplifiers.


Heatsinks play an important role in helping to make the heat disappear from the amp.


 The heavy piece of metal used to draw heat away is called a heatsink because it acts like a sink, making the heat disappear.


Which materials of the heatsink is better? Copper or Aluminum?


Thermal Conductivity:

From the pure metal thermal conductivity ranking


Metal (100%) Thermal Conductivity (W/M. K) 
Copper 393.50
Aluminum 211.90
Tungsten 166.20
Magnesium 153.70

( Data from Neutrium)

From the table, you could see that Copper has a highest thermal conductivity, Aluminum is 60% less than copper. Alloy is much less than other pure metal. Higher conductivity will be have higher cooling. Therefore copper is superior to aluminum in processor cooling. Also Coppers are more expensive than Aluminum and alloy.


Sanway amplifiers are using 100% pure copper heatsink to ensure the amp have high-efficiency cooling system.

 100% pure copper heatsink of sanway amplifier

2. 3 units big fans and 2 units small fans

We are using 3 units 48V fans with 5200 speed and 74CFM; 2 units 24V fans with 4000 speed and 20CFM.

The faster speed and higher flow rate can cooling the heat faster.

fans on amplifier

3. Original ONSEMI Transistor

A transistor is a semiconductor device used to amplify or switch electronic signals and electrical power. Different quality transistors will make the sound different and effect the reliability of amplifier, therefore we chose the ONSEMI transistor that enough power, high efficiency and reliable

Original ON Transistor

4. Reliable Transformer

Our transformer is made by ourselves, we can control the quality. I don’t want to talk much about our transformer, because it is our important business secret. We are using the special wire and core for the transformer to maintain the lower degree on the transformer. Some supplier may add a fan nearby the transformer so that can get rid of the heat, but they didn’t realize that the middle of transformer heat can’t draw away. They haven’t solve the main problem, leading to reduce the life of device.

high efficient transformer

5. Original Neutrik connectors

Other reason that why our amplifier price is we using the original Neutrik connectors on the power amplifier to make user its durable.

 original Neutrik connectors

These 5 reason make sure than our amplifier can run in 2 ohms long term load.


Testing video of FP10000Q on 2 ohms load


We have manufacturing and innovating amplifier for over 13 years now, and gain many good feedback from all over the world.


FP Class TD amplifier:

 FP series amplifier feedback

FP10000Q 4CH power amplifier 10000W

FP10000Q 4x1350W at 8 ohms, 4x2100W at 4 ohms, 4x2500W at 2 ohms

more details...

FP14000 2CH power amplifier 14000

FP14000 2x2350W at 8 ohms, 2x4400W at 4 ohms, 4x7000W at 2 ohms

more details...

DSP Power Amplifier:

 DSP amplifier feedback

D20KQ 4x4000W 4CH DSP power amplifier

D20KQ DSP Amplifier 4x2100W at 8 ohms, 4x4000W at 4 ohms

more details...

D14 2CH DSP amplifier 14000W

D14 2CH DSP Amplifier 2x2350W at 8 ohms, 2x4400W at 4 ohms, 2x7000W at 2 ohms

more details...

If you are interested in any item, or you have any special requirement, please kindly let us know directly, we should reply you as soon as possible


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