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How to Control Numerous Sanway DSP Amplifiers by a Laptop via Wifi

Views: 412     Author: Sanway Audio     Publish Time: 2020-05-23      Origin: Sanway Audio


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How to Control Numerous Sanway DSP Amplifiers by a Laptop via Wifi

Today, we are going to show you how to control numerous DSP amplifiers by a laptop via wifi.

Wifi (Ethernet) function of Sanway DSP amplifier can help you remote control numerous DSP amplifiers in one laptop and one software .

We should prepare a router, a laptop and internet cables for each amplifier.


Router for creating wifi


Laptop for controling amplifiers

Internet cables

Internet cables for connect amplifiers to the router

 Today, we are going to control 2 pcs D10Q 4 channel DSP power amplifier and one pcs D20KQ 4 channel 20000W DSP power amplifier together via wifi

DSP amplifiers

DSP Amplifiers

DSP amplifiers ethernet function

DSP amplifiers was connected to the router by internet cables

Firstly, we should connect the WiFi of the router in our laptop 

DSP amplifiers ethernet function
DSP amplifiers ethernet function


Secondly, we should connect the each amplifier to each port of router by internet cables. When you connect the amplifiers to router one by one, you should set different id and name for each amplifier in the DSP software and save in the laptop.

In the second process, please make sure the software is in connected mode that mean you have connected amplifiers successfully.

DSP amplifiers ethernet function1

connected mode

DSP amplifiers ethernet function2

set different IP adress

Finally, you could control each amplifier according its IP address.

for example, if you want to control the number 2 device, please click its IP address, then you could set any configuration of this amplifier


DSP amplifiers ethernet function3

Choose IP address ( choose amplifier)

DSP amplifiers ethernet function4

After choosing the IP

DSP amplifiers ethernet function5

Control each amplifier according to its ip address


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