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Italian Music Festival was thrilled by Sanway Audio KARA&SB18

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Kara and SB18 line array in Italy

One of Music Festival in Italy was thrilled by KARA pro line array and SB18 subwoofer speaker box from Sanway Audio.

This Music Festival was held in a outdoor square, which are cable for about 6,000 people to take part in the Music Festival at the same time. Sanway Audio provide 24 units Kara dual 8 inch min line array to provide clean and crisp sound, and 12 units SB18 single 18 inch big bass subwoofer speaker to provide powerful sound.

System employed

KARA S18 Dual 8 inch Two Way Bi-amped Line Array System

KARA and SB18 Line Array System


Maximum SPL1: 141 dB

RMS handling  capacity: LF: 450 W HF: 80 W

Components LF: 2 x 8" neodymium weather-resistant

 HF: 1 x 3"neodymium   diaphragm compression driver

Nominal impedance: LF = 8 ohms, HF = 8 ohms

Dimension (W x H/h x D): 730 x 250/164 x 482mm

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