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Sanway Active Kara and SB18 Line Array System Light up the Spring Traditional Folk Festival

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Taiwan China -The 5th Spring Traditional Customs Festival was held on 22nd Feb. in Guangze palace Taiwan, which aims to celebrate the up coming Spring season and promote and inheriting the traditional cultures as well as the folklore. Though the activities of folk markets, experience the life of folk, singing competition, and Rock Music Festival to attract more people to participate into this traditional festival.

active line array system

Singing Competition

Kara&SB18 active line array

Rock Music Festival

One of our client Mr. Yang in charged of this festival project. To meet the requirement capacity of 1,500 audience when the singing competition and Rock Music Festival was held. He choose 6 pcs Kara active line array, 2 pcs SB18 active single 18 inch subwoofer and 2 pcs SB28 dual 18 inch active subwoofer. All active speakers are built in the DSP plate amplifier.

3 pcs Kara dual 8 inch active line array loudspeaker with a SB18 single 18 inch DJ powered subwoofer stand on the stage per side. Kara provides crystal clear sound crystal clear sound. The main subwoofer SB28 dual 18 inch self powered subwoofer and the supplement SB18 subwoofer in the front of the stage to provide stunning bass power.

powered line array system
Kara&SB18 self powered speaker system

Mr. Yang bought 16 pcs Kara, 4 pcs SB18 and 4 pcs BS28 active speaker system from Sanway in last years. As a rental and event companies, he need a flexible system can meet different kinds of project, like live music show, music festival, indoor wedding, catering events, so we recommend the active Kara system with the matching subwoofer.

Kara powered line array system

Kara top speaker is small and lightweight is easy and touring. Powered speakers are mounted built in DSP plate amplifier that make cabling more convenient. You don’t need rack amplifiers and digital processor any more, just one laptop and a mixer can handle the system perfectly. The DSP function allows the user to set up and modify the signal processing path, including MUTE,Polarity,Gain,Delay,Limiter,Mixer,EQ,XOver.

“ I have been used this system for about 100 shows. Its sound is amazing. I also invited other musician and rental company to test the system after I received. They really love this system and highly recommended." Mr. Yang Said.

Live Show Video


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