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Why Sanway KARA Compact Dual 8 inch Line Array System is Popular ?

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Why Sanway KARA Compact Dual 8 inch Line Array System is Popular ?

In the past 3 years, KARA dual 8 inch compact line array speaker absolutely won the best seller among Sanway professional line array systems exported worldwide, sorted out by the end of October 2019. Why this compact dual 8 inch line array cabinet box attracted so many our clients interest ? Today we will tell you the reasons.


  1.  Compact line array structure design, powerful , crystal sound delivery structure inside. As you all known, the bigger size and bigger speaker driver inside the line array was so hit more than 5 years ago. In the recently years, end users are seeking line array cabinet boxes with smaller and smaller size with high SPL , high output power and clear sound quality. In this situation, KARA was produced to market. The beautiful and light weight cabinet box is easy to carry and hang up. Do not judge it by the small out looking , haha ! It is so powerful even it is with small body.

  2. . Cabinet boxes with high quality birch plywood, installed with high reliability neodymium speaker driver inside. We install two pieces 8 inch neodymium woofer and one unit 3 inch high frequency driver inside. “Wow ! it is so powerful and clear with just small units inside!” Mr. Far said.  Sanway audio is always chasing the goal “Quality and service first” , which is the successful business philosophy over the 13 years. careful work and manual assembly of the goods make it go viral to oversea market.

Recently, we also launched a KARA active version.  Sanway customized two way dsp active module is installed inside. To make this line array active cabinet box can be used outside rainy days. We also make it with a flexible cover on the active module. 

active kara line arrayactive kara compact line array

Seeing is believing. Let’s see what our clients saying on this powerful mini line array items.  

KARA classic line array system  KARA classic line array system


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