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Why the dual 8 inch bi-amped line array KARA and SB18 are popular?

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Why the dual 8 inch bi-amped line array KARA and SB18 are popular?

Kara and SB18 are very popular with customers after they have been launched in Nov 21st 2017 . From now on, we have sold about 100 pcs Kara dual 8 inch bi-amped line array and SB18 single 18 inch subwoofer, also we have gain many good feedback from the customers.

Why they crash on the KARA and SB18? Why this line array system is so attractive. The reasons are as below:

Professional audio speaker are in the trend of being smaller and more powerful. In order to meet the market and provide our customers with excellent qualified PA system, Sanway Audio launched one more mini line array system-- KARA and SB18 line array system. 

KARA is with 2 units 8 inch  lower frequency neodymium woofer and 1 unit  3 inch neodymium high frequency driver. Its outside cabinet box is made with birch wood. With delicate design , high SPL and scientific wave guide inside, it is powerful. Because its light weight, it is easy to carry out and install. 

SB18 is with single 18 inch neodymium woofer driver inside. It is with high SPL and it is powerful. Matching with KARA, it is a very good choice for indoor or outdoor events.

This portable and powerful mini line array is your best choice for your performance.

Welcome any inquiry and sample order.

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