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Sanway KARA and SB18 Line Array for Basketball World Champion Qualifier In Hungary

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KARA and SB18 for a basketball match

This hot summer, besides FIFA world cup, there is very popular FIBA World Championship Qualifier 2019 in European.  On 1st July, the first qualifier competition was hit in Budapest city Hungary. 

During this competition not only can you saw the wonderful basketball game between Hungary and Lithuania, but also you can enjoy the clean voice and sound from KARA bi-amp line array and SB18 subwoofer of Sanway Audio.

To fully cover and provide highly intelligible audio to a live audience numbering in the thousands, Sanway laid out a line source array system comprising 18 units KARA and 6 units SB18 for this stadium.  One unit SB18 is with 3 units KARA professional speaker as a column. There are total 6 rows hang over the basketball court left and right.

Sanway Audio KARA and SB18 project

System Employed:

KARA S18 Dual 8 inch Two Way Bi-amped Line Array System

KARA and SB18 Line Array System


Maximum SPL1: 141 dB

RMS handling  capacity: LF: 450 W HF: 80 W

Components LF: 2 x 8" neodymium weather-resistant

 HF: 1 x 3"neodymium   diaphragm compression driver

Nominal impedance: LF = 8 ohms, HF = 8 ohms

Dimension (W x H/h x D): 730 x 250/164 x 482mm

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