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J8&J-SUB Dual 12 inch Column Speaker Box Line Array System

1. Dual 12 inch 3 way line array for sales.
2. 3x18 inch neodymium subwoofer
3. Muti-layer birch plywood
4. weathering protected coating
  • J8&8J-SUB

  • Sanway

  • Dual 8 inch Line Array 


J8 passive line array speaker is a 3-way design cabinet, consists of 2 x12 "LF driver, one horn loaded 10" MF driver and two 1.4  "Exit HF compression drive with 3 " voice coil installed to a dedicated waveform shaping device. The mechanical and acoustic design enables vertical columns up to 24 loudspeakers to be hoisted. The J8 column speaker pa system box is made of birch plywood and coating with impact and weathering protected PCP (Polyurea cabinet Protection). The front of the loudspeaker cabinet is protected by a rigid metal grille, and the side and rear panels contain four handles.

The J-SUB subwoofer is a low frequency reflective design with two-way low-bass speaker, loaded with 3 18 "Neodymium woofers, of which two are facing the front panel, one facing the rear panel.

In this way, the cardioid diffusion characteristic can eliminate the unnecessary sound energy behind the system, which can effectively reduce the echo region of low frequency and the recover most effective low frequency signal. J-sub speakers can be used in different combinations with J8 column array speaker, such as stackable or hanging, can be centrally suspended on the J8 array or can be used as a separate set of sound columns.


1. 2x12" LF; 1X10" MF; 2X3"HF neodymium drivers. 

2. High quality compact birch wood enclosure.

3. 3x18 inch neodymium subwoofer  

4. Multi-layered weather protected finish.



J8 dual 12 inch 3 way line array system

Nominal   impedance

6 Ω (LF) / 12 Ω   (MHF)

Power handling   capacity LF (RMS/peak 10 ms)

500/2000 W

Power handling   capacity MHF (RMS/peak 10 ms)

200/800 W

Nominal   dispersion angle (horizontal)



2 x 12"   driver / 1 x 10" driver
  2 x 3" compression driver
  passive crossover network


2 x NLT4 

Dimensions (H x   W x D)

360 x 1100 x 570   mm
 14.2 x 43.3 x 22.4"


60 kg
  132 lb

J8 large format 3 way line array loudspeaker 2


J-SUB  cardioid subwoofer

Nominal   impedance

4 Ω (front) / 8   Ω (rear)

Power handling   capacity RMS front


Power handling   capacity RMS rear



3 x 18"   driver


1 x NLT4 

Dimensions (H x   W x D)

540 x 1100 x 9453 /   1063 mm
  21.3 x 43.3 x 37.23 / 41.8"


106 kg
  234 lb

J-SUB 3 18 inch subwoofer

Demo of J8 and J-SUB

J8 speaker chart

J8 chart for max 4 pcs J8 speaker

J8 speaker

J8 chart for max 4 pcs J8 speaker

J8 speaker fly frame

J8 and J-sub fly frame 

 flight case

J8 1in1 flight case

 flight case

J-SUB 1in1 flight case

4inch quieter rubber wheels

4 inch rubber wheels for J-SUB



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