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  • Sanway Audio R2 and F218MK2 Sound System Reawakened the Night in Europe


    Sanway Audio R2 and F218MK2 sound system reawakened the night in Europe. In the beginning of 2019, one of my customer Mr. Young was going to build a new nightclub called Volt. The decoration, lighting and sound are the there important part of the nightclub, especially the sound is the soul of the wh Read More

  • GEO S1210 and RS18 Provide Unforgettable Performance in a University


    Colombia -GEO S1210 line array and RS18 subwoofer Provide Unforgettable Performance in a Celebration of 50th Anniversary of University.One of our client offers event planners and promoters great event production services, including audio, lighting, event management and more. In order to better serv Read More

  • SB28 and KARA Light Up the New Year Music Festival in Ecuador


    Ecuador- Held in 28th December 2018, the New Year music festival was lighted up by Sanway Audio Kara bi-amped line array and SB28 dual 18 inch subwoofer with long excursion design.2019 new year is coming, to celebrate the new year, people will held many parties in the end of December. It is a meanin Read More

  • Q1 and Q-SUB Pro Audio System Light Up the Bandlift Music Festival 2018


    Germany- The 2018 Bandlift Musice Festival was held in July from 17th to 19th with 70 music bands, bringing a music feast to the audience.One of our customers is the sponsor of this live sound setup. In the main stage, there are 4 units Q1 line array and 4 units Q-sub subwoofer per side, which all p Read More

  • Kara Line Array and SB18 Subwoofer Deliver a Refine Audio Experience Summer Party


    Europe-Held in September 30th, summer holiday party was lightened up by Kara mini line array and SB18 18” subwoofer speaker.It was a 3000 people outdoor event. Our client equipped it with 12 pcs KARA compact top line array speaker and 6 pcs SB18 single 18 inch subwoofer cabinet box. Their performanc Read More

  • Sanway Audio Offer PA Solution for the Band in Bosnia and Herzegovina


    Our engineering manager received an inquiry from the customer to bring the perfect performance at the most affordable price. Under the professional judgment and careful planning of our engineers, we chose 4 units PS15 speaker and 6 units WS218X subwoofer to build a this small stage, which is suffici Read More


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