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Kara Line Array and SB18 Subwoofer Deliver a Refine Audio Experience Summer Party

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Kara line array and SB18 subwoofer deliver a refine audio experience Summer Party 2

Europe-Held in September 30th, summer holiday party was lightened up by Kara mini line array and SB18 18" subwoofer speaker.

It was a 3000 people outdoor event. Our client equipped it with 12 pcs KARA compact top line array speaker and 6 pcs SB18 single 18 inch subwoofer cabinet box. Their performance was perfect and left a great impression on the audience that night.  

Kara line array and SB18 subwoofer

Why KARA and SB18 line array are so popular among the small or middle size events ?

1. The Kara modular line source delivers ultimate flexibility to any sound design, with its optional low frequency extension. This two way compact enclosure boasts exceptional throw as well as smooth and wide horizontal directivity.

2. Deployed alone, Kara is ideal for enhanced speech and vocal programs. With the SB18 subwoofer, Kara delivers a full range performance, capable of reproducing high impact low frequency for the most energetic music concerts.

3. An install version with streamlined rigging and a custom color palette allows Kara to adapt to any installation which calls for architectural discretion.

System Employed:

Kara line array speaker for outdoor performance

Kara&SB18 dual 8 inch line array & single 18 inch subwoofer

The KARA line array system features with two 8 inch neodymium low frequency drivers and one 3 inch neodymium drivers in a compact birch-wood enclosure. 

With a high SPL 140dB, small size and lightweight, KARA is full configurable to match middle size in door or out door event....

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