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Sanway Project

  • Aero 50 line array speaker provide an exceptional sound to a Music Festival in Sri Lanka


    Sri Lanka- Held in September 14th, 2018, the 5th 15,000 people Music Festival, which adapted 16 pieces Aero 50 large format line array system and 8 pieces FP10000Q 10000W power amplifier. Read More

  • Sanway VERA 36 line array and KS28 subwoofer provided a wonderful performance to 38th Annual Belize Day


    Chicago USA- The 38th Annual Belize Day was held on 6th Aug, which covered about 5000 people to celebrate their traditional day.The professional audio equipment used by the organizers in this show is all from Sanway, including 24 units VERA 36 10'' line array speaker 16 units KS28 dual 18 inch subwo Read More

  • Sanway R2 full range speaker bring an exciting outdoor music concert in Mauritius


    Mauritius-Music is the best companion in hot summer, Sanway R2 speaker provided an great performance in an music concert in Mauritius. 8 units R2 single 15 inch bi-amped speaker and 6 units dual 18 inch subwoofer form a small stage, which is enough for 1,500 crowd this show. The purpose of the concert was to Read More

  • Sanway VERA 36 and S8028 Bring a Wonderful Sound Experience to a Company Anniversary Ceremony in Vietnam


    Vietnam—Sanway VERA 36 and S8028 bring a wonderful sound experience to a company anniversary ceremony in 2018.Held on April 5, 2018, Sanway VERA 36 dual 10 inch 3 way bi-amp line array and S8028 dual 18 inch subwoofer assisted to a company anniversary ceremony at a banquet hall in Vietnam. Since the Read More

  • Sanway KARA and SB18 Line Array for Basketball World Champion Qualifier In Hungary


    Hungary-This hot summer, besides FIFA world cup, there is very popular FIBA World Championship Qualifier 2019 in European. On 1st July, the first qualifier competition was hit in Budapest city Hungary. During this competition not only can you saw the wonderful basketball game between Hungary and Lithuania, Read More

  • Sanway KUDO and KS28 delivered amazing sound experience in a touring live performance


    Indonesia-Sanway KUDO dual 12 inch 3 way line array and KS28 dual 18 inch subwoofer delivered amazing sound experience in a touring live performance. In 1 st July, what a sunny day in Indonesia. Sunshine, cocktail, and music are the perfect match in Summer. Read More


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