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Sanway Vera20 Top Speaker and S32 Subwoofer Reawakened the Music Day in Portugal

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In Portugal , Sanway Audio Vera20 dual 10 inch 2 way line array speaker and S32 single 14 inch + single 18 inch subwoofer provide a clean and powerful performance for the activities of religious celebration. 


It is the first project of our client Mr. Luis after the lock down because of the epidemic. This project was held in the morning of the 31st May for a religious celebration in a 100x55 meters football file.  There are 6 pcs Vera 20 dual 10” top speakers hanging above the line array lift tower per side, delivers crisp vocal and sound. 2 main dual 18” audio pro subwoofer and 2 sub bass S32 subwoofer on the ground per said, delivers powerful and long throw bass. 4 pcs M4 stage monitor speakers for the band and choir, other 2 pcs M4 coaxial 15 inch floor monitor for the speaker on the stage. All the sound system was powered by Sanway FP100000Q 4 channel 10000W power amplifier, and D20K 4 channel 20000W power amplifier; also process by Sanway DP26 2IN&6OUT digital processor.


Mr. Luis is the Manager and engineer of the company LU-Servicos, he was looking for a new speaker system in December 2019. After a month of understanding about Sanway products, he decided make a order for the complete speaker system--12 pieces Vera20 top speaker, 4 pieces S32 subwoofer, 6 pieces M4 stage monitor speaker, 2 pieces FP10000Q amplifier, 2 pieces D20K amplifier and 2 pieces DP26 speaker processor.  The system can be covered for 5000 people event.


Vera20 dual 10 inch line array speaker project

6 pcs Vera20 and 2 pcs S32 per side

Vera20 line array and S33 subwoofer in the project

6 pcs Vera20 and 2 pcs S32 per side

To adhere by the social distance policy, audience are not allowed gathering together. To make sure the whole community around the filed also can enjoy the music, Mr. Luis made 103dB SPL in homogeneous spectrum analyses in every part of the field.

“We did first show with all Sanway system. They performed really well and sound clean and powerful. Thanks for support” Mr. Luis said.


Sanway Vera20 top speaker

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Vera20 Dual 10 2 Way Line Array Speaker

Vera20 top speaker with S32 subwoofer

It is a meaningful event in the last of the May-Reviews the past, look into the future. After three months lock down, this event give people more energy and hope. We believe that we can dance together with wonderful music soon.


Live video:


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