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K2 Line Array Sound System Deliver Fabulous Sound for the Iwanan Concert

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The Philippines-Iwanan Concert was held in 19th March. K2 line array sound system and KS28 dual 18 inch bass subwoofer deliver crisp sound and punchy bass.

The Iwanan concert is the important entertainment activities in the P-Town fiesta. The concert was held in the outdoor Sports Complex where can be covered 10,000 audiences. One of our client Mr. Ahould in charge of this project. As this sports complex don’t have any sound reinforcement system, he decided to use 12 pcs K2 dual 12 inch passive line array speaker, 8 pcs dual 18 inch subwoofer, 6 pcs LE1500S single 15 inch stage monitor speaker.  All the sound system were loaded by 8 pcs Sanway DA18K4 4 channel power amplifier;4 pcs DA24K2 2 channel subwoofer power amplifier; DP48 4in&8out digital processor.


The main sound was delivered by 6 pcs K2 line array pa speakerper side flight in the front of the stage that provide clear and crisp sound. 8 pcs KS28 pro audio subwoofer was divide in to 2 by 2 on the front of the floor of the stage that provide fabulous punchy bass and powerful low frequency. Each LE1500S pa speaker monitor on the stage that provide accurate sound for the arties.


“That is the successful concert! All the speakers did their perfect performance!” Mr. Ahould said. “That is the first time to use K2 in such big event. Its performance was very impressive- I really enjoyed on this rig.”

Saturday night was filled with smiles, laughter, music and joy at Iwanan concer. Everyone really enjoyed the wonderful performances brought by the arties and sound sytem along with the fireworks display.

Live Sound Video:


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