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Sanway Line Array and High-Power Subwoofer Resounding in Big Carnival

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Ecuadorian Carnival held in March is one of the momentous festivals in Ecuador, during which most of stores will be closed and the owners will partake in celebrating the grand event. Sanway second-generation Kara II dual 8 inch pro audio line array and SB18 single 18 inch subwoofer satiate the requirements of sound coverage of thousands of people. Simultaneously, the PA sound system is versatile enough to deliver powerful and undulate bass with KS28 dual 18 inch subwoofer.

line array sound system
line array sound system

The Carnival was organized in a public square, suspending with 12 pcs Kara II dual 8 inch bi-amp top speaker and

Kara line array sound system one SB18 neodymium subwoofer of bother two sides in the front of the stage, 24 pieces Kara II and two SB18 in total. 12 pcs KS28 18 inch low frequency bass were placed on the both sides of the ground. All the speakers are powered by Sanway amplifiers, 6 pcs FP10000Q 10000W power amplifier for 24 pcs Kara II, 6 pcs FP14000 powerful subwoofer power amplifier for 12 pcs KS28; the sound of the combination radiated to more than 20,000 audiences from the square.                                                                                                                                             Given that the cabinets of this series of speakers are painted by weather-resistant polyurethane and all made by birth plywood which is known for high rigidity and rich density, though Ecuador is located in the south of the equator where it’s hot and rainy in March, Sanway PA Sound System is durable enough to withstand the villainous weather. Besides, the internals of Sanway amplifiers, 100% pure copper heatsink and five fans are able to expedite heat dissipation, which underpinned the success of the Carnival.                                                                                                  Sanway Audio is committed to cater for client needs and provides professional services and maintenances.

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