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Sanway Line Array System Pumps Up LC Nightclub in Foshan China

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LC nightclub in Foshan China, is one of the DJ 100 tops club, boasting state of the art lighting and a brand-new Sanway Audio sound system.


In June, the representative of LC nightclub Mr. Wong contact us that he want to renew the nightclub and upgrade the sound system.


“The sound is the soul of the whole club. Top class sound system is the necessary ” Mr. Wong said. We know the distinctive features and powerful sound is the vital element of the audio system.


According to the requirement of client and to cover the space of 420 square meter, we provide a best solution for him.


6 units K2 dual 12 inch audio line array system; 12 pcs A15 focus single 15 inch professional speaker, 16 pcs L-8028 II dual 18 inch dj subwoofer speaker. And 6 pcs FP10000Q dj power amplifier 10000 watt, 4 pcs D20K 20000 watt power amplifier.

 K2 line array system project

3 pcs K2 3 way passive line array system per side being flown from the rigging system above and facing down over the seat and dance floor. As main sound system provide crisp treble, sweet medium, and powerful low frequency.

12 pcs A15 focus professional passive speaker being installed above the side of wall as fill in system with Excellent Speech Intelligibility and Musicality for sound quality.

4 pcs L-828 dual 18 inch power subwoofer being putted under the DJ table and facing the dance floor, other12 pcs subwoofer being putted around the dance floor. The subwoofer provide punchy sound and stunning bass power.


To ensure the highest possible audio quality, the systems are powered by Sanway Audio  FP10000Q 4CH power amplifier and D20K audio amplifier, and 4in&8out digital processor.


The perfect combination provide powerful outputs and rock sound waves for stage performances!


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