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Sanway LA210P Dual 10 inch Line Array Light Up the Music Festival in Europe

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Europe-A fabulous music festival was held in 10th from 13th Nov with about 20 artist, bring a wonderful music fest to about 6000 audience.

To cover over 6000 audience who join in the festival, there are 12 pcs LA210P passive pa line array speakers hanged up per side above the main stage, and provided clean and powerful sound. Total 24 pcs LA210P 2 way 10 inch passive speakers was loaded by 3 pcs D10Q 4 channel DSP audio power amplifier.

20 pcs KS21 single 21 inch horn-loaded passive pa subwoofer on the floor front of the stage, provided punchy and heavy bass. Those 21 inch pa subwoofer speaker was powered by 5 units D14 2 channel DSP digital pa power amplifier.

LA210 line array project feedback

LA210 dual 10 inch line array

4 units T24N dual 12 inch speaker and 2 units B30 dual 15 inch subwoofer on the two side of the stage as monitor for live band and DJ. They were also powered by D10Q 10000 watt DSP power amplifier.

The LA210P professional audio sound system is perfect for live band performances at outdoor concerts. Despite its small size, it contains high sound pressure levels to bring loud and clean sound to the audience.

LA210 dual 10 inch line array

LA210 feedback

More importantly, this live sound setup is suitable for a variety of performances. They can be used not only for large live performances, but also for small solo concerts. Customers are very satisfied with their flexible application and perfect sound.

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