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Sanway L-6 and L-8028 Sound Speaker System Provide Energy and Excitement for Nightclub

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Huazhou Emperor Entertainment Nightclub is a bar with more than 200 square meters of beautiful circular kinetic energy high sound waves, with gorgeous, classic design and modern technology as the concept, plus Sanway Audio professional speaker system, providing DJ, dance, wine service, so that guests can enjoy interactive nightlife experience.

In August, in order to enhance the audio system of Emperor Entertainment Nightclub and to bring guests an immersive DJ experience, we provided a set of Sanway Audio professional speaker system solution.

This set of Sanway Audio professional equipment includes:

8 units L-6 Single 15 Inch dj sound speaker system for Nightclub; 10 units L-8028 Dual 18 Inch professional nightclub subwoofer speaker; 4 units DA18K4 class D dj audio power amp 18000 watt; 5 units DA24K2 class D subwoofer amp 12600 watt; a DP48 4-in 8-out digital speaker processor and a PR380 power sequencer.

To cover a large square of more than 200 square meters, 8 units L-6 3 Way dj sound system fly directly over the top ceiling on both sides of the main stage, facing the dance floor and bar seats, providing powerful reverberating trebles.

The low-end is handled by four L-8018 Dual 18 Inch Nightclub Subwoofer, which are combined to achieve a greater push to the dance floor, and other six subwoofer spread across the left and right sides of the dance floor, providing crisp bass waves and exciting power release.

On the DJ stage, to ensure the most perfect high-quality audio waves, supporting by Sanway Audio DA18K4 4CH class D stereo audio power amp, DA24K2 2CH class D subwoofer amp, DP48 4-in&8-out digital speaker processor and PR380 power sequencer.

The combination of them releases more energy for the DJ and the output of the stage sound is even more exciting.


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