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Sanway J8 Line Array and BSX Subwoofer Provide Excellent Sound for Music Festival

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Bangladesh——The "Music State" music festival was perfectly held on December 5th, 2021. This is a music show that can hold nearly 10,000 people. The beautiful sound quality reverberation of this music show site comes from Sanway Audio line array system and professional passive subwoofer system.


The whole project includes: 6 units M212 dual 12 inch stage monitor, 12 units J8 passive dual 12 inch top line array speaker, 3 units FP10000Q 4CH power amplifier, 4 units BSX dual 21 inch subwoofer speaker box, 1 unit D20K class D 4CH amplifier and 1 unit DP4080 4 in & 8 out digital processor.


In order to make the live sound quality more perfectly presented to the wide venue, 6 J8 line arrays were hung on the left and right sides of the big stage, and 6 units M212 DJ monitor speakers were placed at the front of the stage and 2 units BSX passive subwoofer were placed on both sides, which provides huge bass reverberation and long-distance sound supplement.


In addition, to show the real and sensational music on the stage of the music show, Sanway professional power amplifiers and processors: FP10000Q, D20K and DP4080 are equipped. In the background of the stage, using these Sanway professional power amplifiers power the BSX subwoofer, M212 monitor and J8 line array on the stage and release exciting music enjoyment.


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