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Sanway D1-650W & D1-800W Amplifier Module Feedback

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Sanway D1-650W & D1-800W Amplifier Module Feedback

Do you make your audio cabinet box into active by mounting our Sanway customized class D series active amplifier module

Here is an successful case from one of our European customer. 

1> D1-650W with Hi-Pass for 15" two way audio speaker;  D1-650W is 1x650W at 8 ohms; 1x700W at 4 ohms; single channel plate amplifier; 

2> D1-800W with Low-Pass for single 18" subwoofer cabinet box. D1-800W is 1x800W at 8 ohms; 1x850W at 4 ohms; single channel plate amplifier module

These active cabinet box are using for outdoor events, concert...etc. It has gained great feedbacks from his customers. 

If you want to make your cabinets into active, please contact us at once, we are glad to give you more professional suggestion.

Sanway audio, your professional and reliable PA sound system solution partner. 

D1-650W amplifier module feedback.jpg

D1-650W D1-800W amplifier module feedback 2.jpg


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