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Sanway A15 and KS28 Sound System Provide Deep, Crisp Audio for Nightclub

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Jiangmen China-After two months of construction and redesign, Gala Nightclub in Jiangmen city China has been transformed into a top nightlife venue. Today, behind these doors, Sanway A15 focus line array system and KS28 pa speaker subwoofer, the deep and crisp sound system installations.


The Gala Nightclub was upgraded by the owner, with the goal of making it the most unique nightclub in the city-a true feast for the senses. In order to create a distinctive audience experience, the team needed a outstanding sound audio system.


This nightlife venue cover an area of 1,000 square meter and with 15 meter height. Sanway provide a best solution according to the construction and lights design.


24 units A15 focus single 15 inch full range line array speaker, 18 units KS28 dual 18 inch pa subwoofer speaker, 4 units DA18K4 4 channel class d audio amplifier and 10 units DA24K2 2 channel class d subwoofer amplifier.

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6 units A15 focus pro line array speaker one each side being flown from the trusses above and facing down on the seats. As a main sound system provide deep and crisp sound.

The other 12 pcs A15 focus dj line array speakers of each being flown around the loop of the trusses singly, filling the system with excellent voice comprehension and musicality to improve sound quality.

4 pcs KS28 18 inch dj subwoofer speaker being putted under the DJ table and facing the dance floor, other 14 pcs club subwoofer being putted around the dance floor. The subwoofer provide punchy sound and stunning bass power.


To ensure the highest possible audio quality, the systems are powered by Sanway Audio DA18K4 class d power amplifier, DA24K2 class d powerful amplifiers and 4in&8out digital processor.


Sanway Audio sound system enables the venue to maintain the aesthetic appeal while covering the entire venue floor with sound perfectly.


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