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How to connect multiple DSP amplifiers to your PC

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How to connect multiple DSP amplifiers to your PC

Have you tested our Sanway DSP amplifier with Ethernet ? 

Some customers are confused about  the DSP control of our digital DSP power amplifier . Today we are going to talk about how to connect multiple DSP amplifiers to the computer?

DSP amplifier PC interface.png

We have three different types of connection for the DSP amplifier:  USB cable, RJ485 cable, router with WIFI 

1>  USB cable : when you control dsp of one unit DSP amplifier, just use USB cable to connect the computer and the dsp amplifier. You can control the dsp on the PC.

2>  RJ485 cable: it is one way to control multi pieces DSP amplifier. You need one unit USB RJ485 transfer cable.  The USB port is connected to the PC, the RJ485 port is connected  to the first end of  RJ485 cable, and the second end of the RJ485 cable is connected to DSP amplifier. Please see the following picture.  But this way has a bug, if one unit RS485 is with problem, the whole system will be destroyed.

D14 (4)RJ485 cable.jpg

To solve the bug the above, there are other solutions:  

1. Router with WIFI function and RJ485 cable. Please see  following picture.

wifi connection.png

2. Cable connection:

cable connection


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