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Are you curious about Sanway Audio production line?

Views: 60     Author: Sanway Audio     Publish Time: 2019-12-25      Origin: Sanway Audio


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Are you curious about Sanway Audio production line?

Sanway Audio is a professional audio equipment manufacturer with export experiences over 13 years. Some of you purchase our audio speakers, some of you purchase our power amplifiers, some of you purchase our active modules, and some of you may still consider purchasing our products in the future.

Today we will introduce our speaker production line to you. Follow me, let’s have a look.


Nowe the speaker workshop is assembling K2 Dual 12” 3 Way Line Array System Speaker, KARA Dual 8 Inch Line Array Powered Speaker VR10 10 Inch 2 Way Line Array, KS28 2x18 Inch Weather-Resistant 3200W High-Power Subwoofer Box.

production line

K2 three way line array speaker consists of 2 x 12 inch woofers, 4 x 6.5 inch MF drivers and 2 x 3 inch HF drivers, this new launch line array is very popular use in big event.

KARA mini line array speaker consists of 2 x 8 inch woofers and 1 x 3 inch HF driver. Recently we also launch active version KARA, make it more perfect using. What’s more, KARA is the hottest seller in the 2019.

VR10 line array speaker consists of one 10 inch woofer and two 1.75 inch HF drivers; this system is suitable for traveling event.

KS28 is a double 18 inch subwoofer, which is an ideal companion to large format systems in stacked or flown deployments; it is designed to extend the frequency response of large format systems.

In order to meet the demand of our customers all around the world, we are doing much research and development all the time. In the coming 2020, Sanway will enlarge our production line and launch new designed fancy line array, so stay turned!


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