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Sanway audio loaded one 40HQ to Europe

Views: 111     Author: Sanway Audio     Publish Time: 2019-10-15      Origin: Sanway Audio


Sanway audio loaded one 40HQ to Europe

Sanway Audio is always focus on expanding European market. In the past September, we have cooperated with a large distributor in Europe, who has been in marketing sales of Professional Audio over 10 years. After visiting us and test our products here, he decided to place an order of our power amplifier, line array audio speakers, audio speakers and other periphery equipment. On 8th October, one pieces 40HQ has been shipped out at midnight, which is been to catch up with the vessel. 

Inside this container, there are 30 sets dual 8 inch line array KARA , 30 pieces single 10 inch line array system Vera 10, 30 pieces dual 10 inch line array Vera 36 , 30 pieces dual 18 inch kS28 subwoofer cabinet boxes, S30 dual 15 inch subwoofer, 30 sets dual 15 inch bi-amp three way array speaker K2 and 40 pieces monitor speakers M4. Lastly, 40 units FP10000Q 4CH power amplifiers and 40 units FP14000 2CH switching power amplifiers were also packed into the container. 

Mr. Yuri,  who is the CEO of his company, said  “ In Europe, clients prefer compact and powerful line array system more. In my market, I have a large showroom there for display demo before our clients make purchase . There is a huge market for both of us. “  It is Sanway’s pretty quality and service that I decided to place such an 40HQ. From my expectation, they will be sold out by the end of 2019. We think we will meet again soon. ;) 

Please follow us, and we will report this client again soon. 


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