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Sanway Q1&Q-SUB Passive Line Array Systems In Showroom

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Sanway Q1&Q-SUB Passive Line Array Systems In Showroom

The Q1 is a passive 2-way line array speaker with two 10" LF drivers and one 3" HF driver. With power handling capacity of RMS 400 Watts, it could be used in vertical configurations starting from two cabinets with a 15° to 30° dispersion. For big outdoor events, it could up to 20 cabinets with a fully user and venue defined vertical profile.

The Q-SUB is a bass-reflex loudspeaker which housing a high excursion 18" driver to go with Q1 mostly. Q1&Q-SUB line array systems could be flown or ground stacked, and we have passive and powered version of them. For the powered version, we mount one Sanway customized D3 3 channel  Class D active amplifier module in the Q-SUB cabinet box, which is with DSP function. But the video below is the passive version of Q1&Q-SUB line array systems for your reference.

Except for the Q-SUB, we could also use WSX to go with Q1 line array speaker, which is also fitted with a high excursion 18" driver. 


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