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Sanway Active Line Array System Provide Exceptional Sound In a City Day Celebrating

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Peru- Festival celebrating the anniversary of the founding of the city (City Day) was held in September 05th. The festivities took place in a park, where music and dance performances, sweepstakes, and fireworks displays were enjoyed by over 15,000 attendees.

One of our customers took charge of organizing the event and wisely chose Sanway's audio equipment to ensure an unforgettable experience. 24 pcs LA310P dual 10 inch active line array, 8 pcs LA215P dual 15 inch powered audio subwoofer, 12 pcs KS28 dual 18 inch active subwoofer, and 8 pcs M4 single 15 inch coaxial self-powered monitor speaker were used to deliver crystal clear and high SPL sound.


12 pcs LA310P 3-way powered line array was hanging above of stage per side. Although these 24 pcs speaker is compact, they deliver high SPL and clean sound. Plus the long excursion dual 18 inch super bass subwoofer KS28. This powered audio sound system as main sound system. 8 pcs LA215P dual 15 inch subwoofer on the floor under the two side of stage. 8 pcs M4 active speaker monitor on the stage provide clean sound for artists.

Sanway's latest addition to their active line array family - the LA310P and LA215P - were launched in 2022 and are made from first-grade Russian birch plywood, high-end neodymium speaker drivers, and durable polyurea paint. The impressive class D amplifier technology incorporated in these systems ensures ultra-low distortion output and efficiently uses power to deliver exceptional audio.

LA310P active line array

LA310P dual 10 inch active line array

LA215P active subwoofer

LA210P dual 15 inch active subwoofer

With Sanway's state-of-the-art sound systems, the City Day celebration was a resounding success with people dancing and enjoying the music all around the stage. Confidence in our audio equipment helped make the event unforgettable, and we're proud to have played a vital part in it.


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