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L-1 Single 12" Professional Sound DJ Audio Speaker

1. Very low distortion
2. Fashion designed Neodymium drivers
3. Rotatable mid-high waveguide for horizontal use
4. Integral 35mm pole mount
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The L-1 is a radical, 2-way loudspeaker enclosure. A unique 6.5 inch ; loudspeaker eliminates the need for compression drivers with their associated harshness and distortion. This device, when used in conjunction with the dedicated Ahead-loaded waveguide, smoothly reproduces both mid-range and high frequencies with exceptional coherency and detail.  Further, this 6.5" device seamlessly connects with the 12" ported low frequency driver at 520Hz.  This is in contrast to conventional 2-way systems where compromised compression drivers are stretched to (almost) meet equally stretched and indistinct 12" or 15" low frequency drivers at between 1 and 2kHz. The accuracy, projection and imaging detail of the L-1 make it ideally suited to high intelligibility applications including theatrical use. For the powered version, we mount one D1-450D amplifier module inside, which is a 450w at 8ohms; 500w at 4ohms single channel plate amplifier with DSP function.


1. Very low distortion

2. Fashion designed Neodymium drivers

3. Rotatable mid-high waveguide for horizontal use

4. Integral 35mm pole mount

5. Optional full grill for discrete appearance

6. Optional Passive Crossover Module 

7. Complete range of flying and mounting options


The L-1 speaker is suitable for large,mid,and small stage in live performance.

-- KTV sound reinforcement

-- Bar and club live or pre-recorded sound reinforcement

-- High-performance satellite speaker for use with subwoofers



Model L-1
Frequency Response( ±3dB) 65Hz-15KHz
Sensitivity(1w/1m) LF:102dB
Crossover Piont 530Hz
Nominal Impedance LF:8ohms
Power rated LF:350 watts
HF:75 watts
Nominal dispersion 50 ° ×25 °V
Dimensions(H ×W ×D) 700 ×395 ×382mm
Enclosure material 15mm plywood
Surface finished Silver or Violet color selectable
Net weight 19kg passive / 22kg powered
Low frequency driver 1 ×12 inch horn loaded
High frequency driver 1 ×6.5 inch horn loaded
Input Connectors Neutrik NL4 ×2

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