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Kara and SB28 Line Array System Provided Excellent Sound for Youth Forum Closing Ceremony

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Russia-The Youth Forum Closing Ceremony was help in September 3rd 2020. Kara passive line array system and SB28 line array subwoofer provide clean and powerful sound.


The ceremony was held in a Stadium where have about 1600 seats and its size have 1800 square meter. The activities include speeches, awards, and dance and sing performance. One of our client is in charge of providing sound reinforcement. As this ice stadium don’t have professional sound system, and the space is wide, he decided to use 12 units Kara dual 8 inch sound speakers line array, 8 units SB18 single 18 inch subwoofer line array speaker box, 2 units SB28 dual 18 inch big power subwoofer, and 4 units L-15 single 15 inch active stage monitor. And Sanway D10Q 4 channel DSP 10000W power amplifier and D20KQ 4 channel DSP 20000W power amplifier loaded these system.   

12 pcs Kara line array system

Sound system preparation

Kara and SB28 speaker system project

Sound system preparation

2 pcs SB18 pro audio subwoofer and 6 pcs Kara passive pro audio line array were hung up together per side of the stage provide crystal clear sound. 2 pcs SB18 and 1 pcs SB28 big bass subwoofer were putted on the floor of stage per side, providing stunning bass power. 4 pcs L-15 floor monitor on the stage front to provide background music for performers.  


In the event, participants gave wonderful speeches about the combination of future city construction and nature and expressed their love of this country. Youth is the main strength to move the economy and technology the whole countries forward. What a meaningful event!


12 pcs Kara 8 pcs SB18 and 2 pcs SB28 project in Russia (3)
Kara and SB18 pa sound line array system

Kara line array system with SB18 and SB28 subwoofer is perfect for various indoor and outdoor events. The client have brought this system 3 years ago, and used them for over 500 events.


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