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K1 Dual 15 Inch 3 Way Passive Line Array Loudspeaker System for Outdoor Concert

Neodymium speaker drivers: 2x15” LF, 4x6.5” MF, 3x3” HF
First grade birch plywood
Polyurea paint
Advanced and safety rigging system
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  • Dual 15 inch Line Array 


 K1 line array speaker is a 3 way, four amplification and large format design enclosure with adjustable curvature, perfect for large outdoor concert events.

In the bass reflex speaker cabinet there are two 15 inch low frequency speaker drivers,  four 6.5 inch mid frequency speaker drivers directly radiating in the cabinet, and 3 compression drivers with 3 inch voice coil mounted in the DOSC waveguides.

K1 passive line array loudspeaker cabinet was made from first grade Russian birch plywood with Impact resistant, waterproof , Resist corrosion Polyurea paint. In the front of the K1 speaker is covered by a steel grill with anti-corrosion coating and acoustically neutral 3D fabric. The safety rigging hardware and two parallel 8-point PA-COM connectors are installed in a suitable position of the speaker cabinet.

K1 3 way passive line array usable system bandwidth is 35 Hz to 20 kHz (-10 dB). 

The K-shaped coplanar speaker drivers configuration offer a polar coverage of 90° horizontal (-6 dB), controls the entire projected axi-symmetric pattern, has no side-lobes in the entire frequency range, and the number of independent vertically spaced elements. In mode, the system should bend each element to a maximum of 5°, and accept a 6-chassis down-fill line sound source array without destroying the wave-front.

Under the condition of free field at 1 meter, using pink noise with a crest factor of 10 decibels to measure the large sound pressure level, it should be 147 decibels. The long-term RMS processing capacity is 2×600W for the LF part, 600 watts for the MF part, and 220 watts for the high frequency part. The impedance of each part is 8 ohms. 

K1-SB dual 15 inch subwoofer, SB28 dual 18 inch subwoofer and KS28 dual 18 inch subwoofer is a recommended sub bass for K1 and K2 line array.


Neodymium speaker drivers: 2x15” LF, 4x6.5” MF, 3x3” HF

First grade birch plywood: multiple thin layers, absence of voids, rigidity and rich density that facilities better clarity and tone. Its durability ensure you could keep the speaker for long time, and good for touring performance in a bumpy roads.

Weather-resistant Polyurea paint can withstand all kinds of friction and collisions.

Advanced and safety rigging system for fast installation


Outdoor concert



Music Festival

Live sound reinforcement

Specifications of K1 3 way audio line array system

Usable bandwidth (-10 dB)


35 Hz - 20 kHz ([K1])

Maximum SPL

149 dB ([K1])

Nominal directivity

horizontal: 90° symmetric

vertical: dependent upon the number of   elements and the line source curvature



LF: 2x15"neodymium                 

MF: 4 x 6.5" neodymium,   direct radiation  

HF: 3 x 3" diaphragm   compression drivers

Acoustical load

LF: bass-reflex

MF: bass-reflex

HF: DOSC waveguides

Power   (RMS)

LF: 2X600W



Nominal impedance

LF: 2 x 8 Ω

MF: 8 Ω

HF: 8 Ω


IN: 1 x 8-point PA-COM

LINK: 1 x 8-point PA-COM

Rigging and handling

handles integrated in the cabinet

inter-enclosure angles: 0°, 0.5°, 1°,   1.5°, 2°, 2.5°, 3°, 4° or 5°


Weight (net)

106 kg / 234 lb

Cabinet 

FIrst grade Russian birch plywood, high   density polyethylene

Front steel grill with anti-corrosion   coating

acoustically neutral 3D fabric

Rigging components

high grade steel with anti-corrosion   coating


Dark Grey brown Pantone 426C


134x44x52cm (WxHxD)



K1 dual 15 inch line array

2 pcs K1 Line Arrary, 1 pcs K1-SB Subwoofer and 1 pcs KS28 Subwoofer Testing Video in Outdoor:



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