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How to Measure Wattage of Power Amplifier

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How to Measure Wattage of Power Amplifier

Yesterday, We received a question from a customer, “ How to know the real wattage of your FP10000Q?” For your information, our FP10000Q is a 4x1350W at 8ohms, 4x2100W at 4ohms, 4x2500W at 2ohms 4 channel class TD power amplifier. So, today we are going to show you the real power of our FP10000Q.

Firstly, we have an oscilloscope, multi-meter and a FP10000Q.

Secondly, We drive the one channel of power amplifier with pure sine wave from the oscilloscope. Load the amp with 8 ohms or 4 ohms high power resistor. As you can see from the video, CH1 is on the biggest volume, and the signal is stable.

Finally, Set the multi-meter to AC, measure the output of the amp.

In the first part of the video, we load the amp with 8ohms, measured voltage is 108 VAC , then the RMS power @ 8ohms is 1458 Watts

In the second part of the vide, we load the amp with 4ohms, measured voltage is 105 VAC, then the RMS power @ 4ohms is 2756 Watts.

RMS Power = (V*V) / R_Load

= (108*108) / 8

= 1458

oscilloscope signalmulti-meter.png

In conclusion, our specification of FP10000Q 4CH power amplifier is true. All amps adapted 100% pure copper heatsink, original Neutrik connectors, original ONSMEI transistors, and 3300uf&2200uf capacitors, also it is stable on 2ohms load. Thanks to these good materials and the professional technology, our professional power amplifier can provide high power wattage for sound system.

FP10000Q 4CH power amplifier.jpg

Video of measuring processing:


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