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Enhanced Version: Sanway Audio DSP Amplifier with APF

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Enhanced Version: Sanway Audio DSP Amplifier with APF

From last month, our DSP amplifiers have been added a APF (All Pass Filter for phase control), so the DSP function in the amplifier became more versatile. 

What is APF?

An all-pass filter is a signal processing filter that passes all frequencies equally in gain, but changes the phase relationship among various frequencies. Most types of filter reduce the amplitude (ie the magnitude) of the signal applied to it for some values of frequency, whereas the all-pass filter allows all frequencies through without changes in level.

APF in audio application

The allpass filter is an important building block for digital audio signal processing systems. It is called allpass because all frequencies are ``passed'' in the same sense as in lowpass, highpass, and bandpass filters. In other words, the amplitude response of an allpass filter is 1 at each frequency, while the phase response (which determines the delay versus frequency) can be arbitrary.

(a) Transfer function

(b) Impulse response

(c) frequency response

(d) plot its impulse response, magnitude and phase responses.

The Introduction of Sanway DSP power amplifier:

Sanway DSP amplifier integrated front panel with channel select, volume buttons, input and output LED metering, intuitive navigation buttons, power button and Led indicator. 

For convenience, it has 20 factory preset configurations that can be modified and stored in the user presets. 

With Powerful intrinsic correction processing, it maximizes the sonic performance of Sanway loudspeakers.

With its two channel full function onboard loudspeaker DSP, with a crossover, parametric EQ filters, limiting and alignment delay, it eliminates the need for outboard loudspeaker processors.

This Flexible Amplifier drives almost any loudspeaker system or configuration by distributing total amplifier power across one, or two channels.


1. DSP function: Mute, Polarity, Gain, EQ, Xover, Limiter. 

2. Ethernet function (Wi-Fi):to control many amplifiers with one computer 

3. Crossover filters: Each output channel can be independently set as LPF, HPF and APF, Butterworth, Bessel, Linkwitz-Riley.

D10Q 4 channel digital DSP amplifierD10Q and D14 4CH and 2CH DSP amplifier


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