Did you make your speaker box active? Feedback of Plate Amplifier

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Did you make your speaker box active? Feedback of Plate Amplifier

Currently, powered speaker and line array are become more and more popular, due to its convenience of no having need to carry rack amps. Also They can simplify your PA system and are faster and easier to set up. Sanway Audio has various kinds of plate amplifier for your speaker and subwoofer.

We are glad to share with you the feedback and project cases from our customers who using our amplifier module.

D1 series 1CH DSP plate amplifier for full range speaker:

1x450W at 8 ohms; 1x500W at 4 ohms
1x650D at 8 ohms; 1x700W at 4 ohms
D1-800D1x800W at 8 ohms; 1x850W at 4 ohms

1x1000W at 8 ohms; 1x1200W at 4 ohms



D1-800D feedback from AgentinaD1-650W D1-800W amplifier module feedback 2

D1-800W feedback


Project case:

D1-650D active amplifier module for single 15 inch full range speakers

D1-800D active amplifier module for single 18 inch subwoofer

D1-650D amplifier module feedback 2D1-800D amplifier module feedback

D2 series class d plate amplifeir for active speaker

The only different between D2L and D2S is their Size.

D2L/D2S2x500W at 8 ohms; 2x900W at 4 ohms
2x500W at 8 ohms; 2x900W at 4 ohms with additional output to link another passive speaker
D2S-SUB81x1600W at 8 ohms 
D2S-SUB41x900W at 8 ohms;  1x1800W at 4 ohms
D24502x450W at 8 ohms; 4x500W at 4 ohms
D26502x650W at 8 ohms; 2x700W at 4 ohms
D28002x800W at 8 ohms; 2x850W at 4 ohms
D2-250D2x250W at 8 ohms; 2x350W at 4 ohms

D2S installation dimension

D2800 (2)


D2S module feedbackD2S module feedback fro Turkey

D2S-TWO feedbackD2L feedback

D3 series plate amplifiers for passive subwoofer and line array

1500W+500W+500W at 8 ohms; 1800W+900W+900W at 4 ohms
2x1500W at 8 ohms, 2x1800W at 4 ohms
1500W+2x500W at 8 ohms; 1800W+2x900W at 4 ohms
D3-2151500W+1500W+500W at 8 ohms; 1800W+1800W+900W at 4 ohms

D3 TNSTALLATIOND3-215 installation dimension


D3 feedbackD3 feedback 2

D3-2.1 feedback

DSP Software of All Plate Amplifiers

D series plate amplifier module DSP software 05092018.exe

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