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What is Powered Column Speaker?

Views: 202     Author: Sanway Audio     Publish Time: 2020-07-06      Origin: Sanway Audio


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What is Powered Column Speaker?

CS series powered column speaker system has been launched in July 1st by Sanway Audio. Today we are going to share more knowledge of the active column speaker system that can help you know more details of the new active column array speaker system.


Column speaker equip with multiple speakers drivers as a compact line column providing perfect vertical sound directivity. These compact, lightweight and small size column speaker often use in public address, conference room, restaurant, nightclub and school.  


To meet the requirement of the professional audio industry, Sanway Audio create powered column speaker system that suitable for live performance in outdoor and indoor, DJ band, church, ect.

CS series active column speaker system consists of CS44 4x4 inch column pa speaker, CS64 6x4 inch column loudspeaker, CS12 single 12 inch powered subwoofer, CS18 single 18 inch active subwoofer. The active subwoofer was built in a 2 way plate amplifier with DSP that can power the passive CS44 or CS64.


powered column speaker system

CS44+CS12 powered column speaker system

active column speaker system

CS64+CS18 active column speaker system

The DSP function of the 2 way plate amplifier allows user can control the subwoofer and column array speaker with Mute, Gain, Delay, Limiter, Mixer, EQ, X-over via laptop. With all the features you would expect from today’s powered column array speaker system.


Advantages of Sanway Powered Column speaker


1. Excellent vertical directivity


It can be said that the professional linear array audio system has been miniaturized and portable. The directivity of the sound column is similar to that of a single speaker in the horizontal direction, but it is greatly improved in vertical direction. It propagates in a waveform in horizontal direction, but has a strong directivity characteristic in vertical direction, forming a "plate"-shaped three-dimensional radiation effect.


The column speaker usually refers to 4~10 paper cone speakers arranged in a line and combined together. The characteristic is that when transmitting sound in the horizontal direction, the radiation angle of the speaker is the same as that of a speaker, and when transmitting sound in the vertical direction, the radiation angle of the speaker increases with the combination of speakers, especially when high-frequency sound , The sound beam can be sent out in a certain direction.



The characteristic of the sound column is that it has a strong directivity in the vertical direction. The longer the sound column, the narrower the sound beam, the more concentrated the energy, and the stronger the directivity. When the length of the sound column is fixed, the higher the frequency, the narrower the sound beam and the stronger the directivity.


2. High sensitivity and long throw


The column speaker can form various specifications according to different structures. The smaller the area of "sound disk", the stronger the beam focusing effect and the sharper the directivity, and the higher the sensitivity on the axis than that of a single speaker. The acoustic axis efficiency of the sound column on the main axis is higher than that of a single speaker. In general, the more speakers that make up the column, the higher the sensitivity on the main axis and the farther the distance of sound radiation. Reasonable control of the suspension height and depression angle of the sound column can make the sound field more uniform and clear. The total rated power of the sound column is several times that of a single speaker. At the same time, due to the focusing effect in the direction of the sound axis, the sensitivity is doubled and it is more effective for long-distance sound reinforcement.


3. Lightweight and small size

The shape of the column array speaker is smaller than that of the traditional speaker. It is mostly used in occasions with special requirements for audio equipment, such as conference halls and studios that need to hide audio, and it needs to cooperate with beautiful indoor program recording scenes, home theaters, and so on. Due to the small volume of the sound column, it is easy to integrate with the environment, and is generally suitable for customers who like simple style.


4. Save cost.


The powered column speaker consists of the function of amplification and DSP processing. User no need to buy extract rack amplifier and digital speaker processor. It help make column arrays a more affordable option in terms of total system cost.


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