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Sanway Aduio L-2 Full Range Speaker in Different Countries

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Sanway Aduio L-2 Full Range Speaker in Different Countries

One the beginning of this month, we have received lots of inquiries about L-2 15” full range speaker, which is very popular for outdoor free party, DJ bank performance, Bar, ect. Today, we are going to share some feedbacks of L-2 speaker from different countries.

First of all, let’s give a brief introduction of L-2.

The L-2 is an entirely horn-loaded, surprisingly compact, full range loudspeaker enclosure.  The driver complement comprises a 15” for bass, an 8” for midrange and a 1” for high frequencies. For the powered version, we mount one D2L-TWO amplifier module inside, which is a 2x500w at 8ohms ; 2x900w at 4ohms 2 channel plate amplifier with DSP function and can power 2 bi-amped speakers. The L-2’s unique combination of size, high efficiency and sonic excellence make it ideally suited to a wide range of uses.  This loudspeaker resolves the requirement for quality, response and level from a small source.   

Active speaker L-2.jpg 

Feedbacks from customers:

Customer from Spain: 

L-2 feedback from Spain.png

L-2 feedback from Spain 2.jpg

Customer from UKL-2 feedback from Spain.png:

L-2 feedback from UK.png

Customer from France:

L-2 speaker in France.jpg


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