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Analysis Of The Cause Of The Failure Of The Speaker Driver Unit

Views: 116     Author: Sanway Audio     Publish Time: 2019-12-03      Origin: Sanway Audio


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Analysis Of The Cause Of The Failure Of The Speaker Driver Unit

The reasons for the failure of the speaker unit are as follows:

Elastic wave: The main problem is that under the long-term mechanical movement of the elastic wave, the stability of the material is different, and it will easily lead to the phenomenon of elastic fatigue, which will result in the following points:

The elastic wave is deformed, causing the voice coil to shift, and the voice coil is off center to cause the ring to rub.

When the soft wave coil hits the bottom of the T iron, it will cause a steel crash.

The elastic wave and the voice coil paste the center glue (the voice coil is overheated, or the glue is not strong enough), causing the center part to detach.

Diaphragm: The horn diaphragm has various materials such as paper, metal, PP, etc. Under the long-term use of cold and hot temperature changes, the paper basin is affected by moisture and moisture, which will cause the weight of the paper cone to change and deteriorate. , it will change the original sound quality, but it will not produce abnormal sounds, the fault may be as follows:

The center part of the voice coil is degummed. In the long-term excessive use, the overloaded power output will cause the voice coil to overheat, causing the center glue to change, which will cause the degumming to produce noise.

In the case of excessive power oscillation of the power output over a long period of time, the heat resistance of the glue is sufficient, and the steel of the paper cone is insufficient, which will cause the paper cone to deform and rupture, even if an abnormal sound occurs. .

Human damage and insect bites can cause damage and abnormal sounds.

Overhang: The horn of the horn mainly has sponge edge, rubber edge, cloth edge and other materials. The reasons for the failure are as follows:

Sponge foam edge or rubber or cloth edge, etc., after a long period of vibration and weather, the sponge will deteriorate and corrode.

Insect bites, man-made damage and other issues.

Dust cover: The causes of the failure are as follows:

The dust cover is loosened, causing noise and the like to collide with the paper cone.

If the dust cover is recessed, abnormal sounds will also appear, and replacement can be improved.

Voice coil: The causes of the fault are divided into the following categories:

The center point of the voice coil is rubbed against the T-iron due to overheating of the glue or other reasons, which may cause the coil to be broken or short-circuited.

The voice coil leads are broken. The reason is that the hardness of the outer periphery of the paper cone extends unevenly, which causes the paper cone to be broken and the enameled wire to break.

When the lead is bent, it will cause oxidative breakage due to long-term use.

Jinsi Line: The causes of the fault are divided into the following categories:

Generally, after a long period of use, the person will cause oxidation of the silk thread due to factors such as cold and hot moisture, and cause contact failure, which may cause abnormal sound.


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