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LA10&LA15S Single 10 Inch Compact Powered Line Array PA System

1. High-quality, small-scale sound solutions;
2. Consist of 1x 10" tops and 1x15” subs;
3. Rectangular enclosure constructed of birch plywood;
4. Built-in DSP amplifier
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LA10&LA15S is a vertical powered line array speaker system specially created for occasions with the highest quality requirements.


The system has high output, compact structure and light weight, and you can simply use a speaker system for situations of 10 or 10000 people. We have designed a new 10-inch neodymium magnetic speaker with carbon fiber cone, which is the best combination of a low intermediate frequency system specifically designed for LA 10 active pa speaker. And 2x1.75 inch neodymium HF frequency driver.

Combined with the compression cavity phase plug design, it can achieve efficiency above 103 db (1w/1m). We vigorously developed the medium/high wave catheter, coupled with the newly developed high-frequency speakers, to form a coherent 10° vertical wave surface.


The suspension fittings are lightweight and easy to use, so you can set up a vertical array of up to 12 speakers. With the exception of the hanging frame, all the necessary suspension parts are securely connect to the speaker in case they are lost. When a stronger bass output is required, use the paired bass loudspeaker LA15S and LA30S. In particular, the S15 subwoofer can be hung with its suspension system and easily integrated in LA 10. When set to the top or below, the speaker provides a real, subtle and meticulous bass supplement. It is worth mentioning that we offer a wide range of high-end accessories, making transportation, assembly and daily use very easy.

LA10 compact active line array Specification

Drivers1 x 10" LF / 2 x 1.75" HF
Frequency range60 - 16000 Hz
Power capacity program / peak:500 / 1000 W bi-amped LF          
200 / 400 W bi-amped HF
600 / 1200 W
Impedance16 Ohms (bi-amp LF)
16 Ohms (bi-amp HF)
12 Ohms (passive)
Coverage range (h x v)        80° oder 120 ° x 10°
Sensitivity 1 W / 1 m103 dB (bi-amp LF)
111 dB (bi-amp HF)
104 dB (passive)
SPL max / 1 m / peak        133 dB
Dimensions (h x w x d)        275 x 500 x 355 mm
Net Weight       16 kg passive
Finish        polyurethane coating

LA15S powered subwoofer Specification

Drivers1 x 15"
Frequency range40-1500 Hz
Power capacity/ peak1200 / 2000 W
Impedance4 Ohms
Sensitivity 1 W/1M94dB
SPL max/1m/peak127dB
ConnectorsNL4 2± (bi-amp)
NL4 1± (passive)
Dimensions446 x 500 (565) x 560 mm
Weight29 kg powered

10 inch woofer of LA10 line array:

LA10 inch woofer 10NW65-16.pdf

1.75 inch HF driver of VR10 mini line array:

LA10 1.75 inch HF driver DE400-8.pdf

VR10 drivers


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